Farewell dear friend

Farewell dear friend

As many readers may already know, !s]Obstriegel passed away earlier this year after a long illness.

Obstriegel was most publicly known to the community for hosting Rigatoni Rugby, founding Impressive Squad, and having an immeasurable impact on SauerWorld. Beyond his sheer amount of commitment and dedication to the Sauerbraten community as a whole, Obstriegel was known as a man of a tender and humorous character. Described by everyone as extraordinarily patient, Obstriegel went above and beyond to help old and new players alike. For many in this community, Obstriegel has been as steady as a rock since day one, a helping hand when they most needed it, and a true friend.

Obstriegel’s passion for Sauerbraten was unlike any seen before. Various projects and his YouTube channel bear witness to the creativity and curiosity Obstriegel used to keep this game fun for so many of us. It is no exaggeration to say that the Sauerbraten community as a whole may not have persisted the way it does if it hadn’t been for Obstriegel’s countless hours of service.

This impact did not go unnoticed. Obstriegel’s kindness deeply touched many of us. The flood of condolences that poured out of the SauerWorld discord in the hours and weeks after his death give us just a tiny insight into how much Obstriegel influenced countless individuals in our community.

Greenadiss took the time to collect our thoughts in commemoration of Obstriegel in this PDF.

We would like to offer our condolences to everyone who regarded Obstriegel as a dear friend. We have reached out to friends and family members of Obstriegel to make sure these messages reach the people that loved him most dearly. Unsurprisingly, the impression we had was only a glimpse of the smart, passionate and friendly person on the other end of the screen.

Thank you for everything you have done Obstriegel, you’ll have a place in our hearts forever.


  1. razvan

    Razvan here.ive just found out about his passing. Im in the subway and i barely hold my tears. I cant believe this happened and didnt knew about his ilness.

    Farewell brother, thank you for your gift and helping with my pc.
    I hope all you guys with whom ive shared gameplay and exchange toughts stay healthy and strong. Good things for you and your close ones .


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