Effic 1v1 Summer Ladder – The Results

After 5 weeks of loads of exciting matches both divisions have found their winners!
Division 1

#1 Supreme Champion: notas
#2 Worthy Adversary: Art
#3 Maybe Next Time: lagout

Division 2

#1 Supreme Champion: Fear
#2 Worthy Adversary: Chaos
#3 Maybe Next Time: Gangler
Congrats to the winners and huge thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who took the commitment to the agreed schedule seriously and played their games in a timely fashion!
[League tab is going to disappear from the bar again but you can still access it with the link or find it in the Hall of Fame page]


    1. Anonymous

      r u hades? because i was wondering about that – chaos got a tie from dueling hades, but fear got a free no show, whereas div 1 the no shows were for the whole ladder

    2. SauerCom

      1. what I wrote below<br />2. chaos vs hades 2-1 ot – turbine – memento<br /><br />hades had nothing to do with the outcome of this division. Had I removed him from the ladder altogether (for missing one match), the result still would have been the same because Gangler, chaos both beat him anyway.

  1. SauerCom

    hades got a no-show against Fear because he&#39;s been unavailable for the past 2 weeks, or so I&#39;ve heard.<br />The reason why he didn&#39;t get removed from the tournament altogether is due to the fact that he had already played 6 out of 7 matches, whereas echo-echo lacked more than half of his games.

  2. Anonymous

    Fear was on divisiĆ³n 1 just because He wanted to win something, on my opinion he should be on the first division.


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