eCTF Mix Cup

Yeah you heard right, time is finally here. It’s been asked for time and time again and now it’s here, the eCTF Mix

How is it played?

Players sign up and compete in a 3v3 double elimination format with best of 3 maps. After signup we will try to shuffle the teams for balanced games (wish us best of luck doing that).

What about maps?

This is a just for fun cup, so we’ll try to encourage players to try out new maps. We have carefully curated a pool of maps that have never been selected for eCTF comp before. Maybe this pool contains the next one hit wonder (reissen). See the pool below:

tatooine tubes stronghold croma idris

Alright I’m in

  • Join our Discord and let us know in #mix-cup
  • Play all the awesome new maps
  • Wait for the 30th of May to come. As usually we will play at 6 PM CET
  • We’ll publish the teams and directions for you to join
  • Every team picks 1 map, and vetoes one map. 5th map is tiebreaker.
  • Enjoy!


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