eCTF 3v3 Summer Invitational Results

Despite Frosty’s refusal to publicize it on SauerWorld, a 3v3 eCTF invitational tourney took place yesterday, featuring the 4 top teams from eCS and other recent eCTF events – !s, sp4nk, RB and w00p. They faced off in a 3 game set round robin group stage, after which the top two teams advanced to a best of 5 grand final, with map pick advantage going to the higher placing team. !s (Gangler, DarkFire’, Savi4k) got through the group stage dropping only two games and faced sp4nk in the final, where for 5 exciting games neither team won their own map pick, and sp4nk (Rexus, Frosty, hadis) came out on top. I highly recommend watching the finals if you enjoy exciting high level eCTF.

RB (Partizan, r4, and Khornettoh) placed 3rd, and w00p (secrets, lagout, ySoSrs, nighty) placed 4th.


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