DKSC Restructuring – Biweekly eCTF / iCTF Round Robin League

Here’s the excerpt from


Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for the huge and constantly positive feedback on SauerWorld.
It has encouraged us to change the rule-set a bit, so the flaws from past events won’t happen again. You can find further information in the “rules & standards” section.
As another step, we decided to use round robin (all vs all) as the official bracket format for any upcoming event, as itis simply more fair.
We will now offer our service twice a month, once in iCTF and once in eCTF. To keep competition on a high level and open at once, there will now also be a second division.
As a takeoff for the new format we will launch an effic bracket on the 16th of November, 5PM.
There is currently a battle over the maprotation on our homepage, its due date is Friday the 7th.
Fortunately, Hanni is looking to do a live-commentary on twitch, and he’s still looking for a  partner. Catch him on IRC or Mumble if you’re interested.
Last but not least I would like to point out my personal thanks for the great artwork and videos we received recently. A page is now open to value these contributions (hit me up if you want your stuff added).

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