Day of Sobriety I

As was announced yesterday, the first Sauerbraten Day of Sobriety event will take place on Sunday, October 27th!

The modes featured in SDoS will be:

  • insta 1v1
  • teamplay 2v2
  • efficctf 3v3

Looking for a team?

The signups aren’t open yet, but if you want to look for other players to team up with we have created this pad for you.
Feel free to enlist there and make it known that you’re willing to join other players for SDoS!


A lot of people were really excited about the idea of having teamplay in the tournament (judging from the SDoS email voting), however, I’m sure some of you are rather unfamiliar with this mode so here’s a quick rundown for you guys:

  • teamplay is basically 2v2 FFA TEAM
  • the goal is to have a higher frag count than the enemy team. Match time is 10 minutes.
  • you spawn with 100hp and 25 blue armour (rifle spawnkill protection), a pistol and one grenade.
  • items like weapons, armours, healthboost(s) and a quad spawn on the map and it’s up to you to pick up items you need
  • items spawn after a certain time:
  • Green Armour (+100, absorbs 50% of damage dealt to you): every 20 seconds after it was taken, first one at 9:40 remaining
  • Yellow Armour (+200, absorbs 75% of damage dealt to you): every 30 seconds after it was taken, first one at 9:30 remaining
  • Healthboost (adds 10 points to your health permanently): every 60 seconds after it was taken, first one at 9:00 remaining
  • Quad Damage (multiplies the damage you deal by 4, e.g. 1 rifleshot will deal 400 damage): every 70 seconds after it was taken, first one at 8:50 remaining
  • All of this visualized: (CLICK) Feel free to share this!

Map pools

The map pools will presumably (!) be pretty much “adopted” from the ones that notas (in close collaboration with the community) carved out for SWL.

insta 1v1: aard3c, academy, complex, douze, kffa, ot, legazzo, simplicity, tartech, turbine, sauerstruck
teamplay 2v2: nmp8, curvedm, nmp4, hades, corruption
efficctf 3v3: capture_night, damnation, dust2, eternal_valley, forge, mercury, reissen, tejen, turbulence, forgotten, twinforts

However, note that this is not based on official information and is just an assumption of what might be the final map pool!

More information regarding SDoS can be found on their website:

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