Clan Activity – July ’15

Sauer has seen a lot of activity within its clan-base lately. From new clans forming, to old clans resurrecting, we are happy to bring you the info.

First off, the infamous Clan-creator, Jumper, has created yet another clan: |HD|, together with Boomerang! (former crowd). So far he has recruited known players such as RAMBOSPAIN (former !s], [GLX], TxC|) and Qur/ubik (former |RB|), as well as KamiKaz, and F1nal (former {CEA}).(Source)

“They invited me, and i like the founders :)” – Qur

“So one time I was talking with my friend Boomerang and we decided to build a new clan together. We call it HD (High Definition) because it supposed to become a high level clan. The main and primary goal is to have fun with a team and respect others opinion. We setup some servers, irc channel, mumble and a website. We’ve been looking for some known and nice members to make a successful clan. And I guess it’s going well…” – Jumper


HD Website: | Mumble and Game Server Connect: | IRC Channel: #highdefinition (on


After leaving !s], Honzik1 found his home with his former clan |RB|. (No Source Available)

Origin Joined !s] (Source)

“The reason why I joined !s is because it has everything I want from a clan. For the few weeks before applying I played a lot of games with many !s members, and I got on very well with them. They are nice, skilled guys who appreciate the fun part of the game and are competitive without being too sucked into the drama. That’s exactly the kind of people I want to be in a clan with (the cool clantag !s] a plus).” – Origin


Former =DK=, Zeus, joined .cS| (Source)
Terminator, Partizan and ZahariaHome left TxC| (Source). Partizan is now applying to .rC| (Source)


There has also been plenty of activity in the editing clans of Sauer. The legendary clan, cm| (Cubic Matter), has been “resurrected” due to the recruitment of many elite mappers from all over the community. They include:

Galaxy (Source)

Doom32 (Former Fan|, qq]) (Source)

Fatality/sheik (Former Fan|) (Source)

NopNotMe (Former qq]) (Source)

Footknight (Former Fan|) (Source)

Rudi (Former Fan|) (Source)

MysteryCube/CubeX (Source)

“Fanatic was a very good clan that i was in for about 4 years. The people in fanatic were awesome. But ever since I first started sauer I’ve always wanted to join cm. And so I felt my editing was ready so I applied to cm ” – Doom


qq] founder Ardelico closed his short-lived editing clan.
Skwillex and Backy joined Fan| (Fanatic Mappers)



Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments!



edit #1: This is just in: Sparta (.cS| founder) needed some time off and decided to take a leave from his clan indefinitely

edit #2: mehrtyr3r joined .rC| (source)

Hunter joined Crowd> (Source)


  1. Zeus

    I was talking with a frind today that Sauerworld should doa new Clanaktivity post :D
    nice that you arer readingmy mind :P

    1. Hunter

      You talked to me :D yea its very funny and you forgot me in the list. I’d get accepted in Crowd now :)

  2. Alias

    I think all those Fan| boys killed cm. it’s not prestigious anymore. half of them aren’t even good editors. Apparently they have a Facebook group together, what makes you think they’re not accepting new applicants just because they’re friends?

    1. Doom32

      @Alias (probably scared to show the name ofc)

      I totally disagree. ” half of them aren’t even good editors.” I do not believe you have seen any of their editing have you? Also being “Friends” on fb hasn’t effected the way any of the members vote.

    2. Fatality

      I honestly think cm| was close to extinction, so recruiting new members couldn’t have done any worse to the clan. I also think all mappers recruited are great, and it is just another generation of cm mappers, which is something to be proud of imo

    1. Zoocata

      Hello! x) And now we all know that this was just a troll comment. Everyone in the facebook group knows now but since Doom called me out here I think I should say that we’re all laughing about it now :P


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