Clan Activity 2020

Hey guys, we’re here with some long overdue juicy gossip and clan updates!

Legendary mapper Fatality departed from !s] late last year and jumped into sp4nk. Official statement: “!s wasn’t the place for me anymore. I joined sp4nk because I was close with some of the members already and always liked them as a clan

Zob has parted ways with the legendary squids from !s]. I interviewed many people who said that Zob wasn’t vibing with the members of !s. Zob stated that !s leadership asked him to leave, citing problems other prominent members of !s were having with him. Zob’s official statement is: “They just insult me most of the time, when I insult them, they can’t handle is because their soft, that’s basically it

firefly also departed from the squids, citing internal tensions within the clan. After several months of clanlessness, she found a home with tBMC. Official statement: “I left !s and joined tbmc because tbmc is cool and has the best and only llama of sauer and bo is bossy

Everyone has seen a new clan on the fronts, |sx|, but what is it? It’s Darkfire’s training clan, similar to xS. Darkfire’s words on it: “what inspired me to start sx was the idea of promoting new players to competitive sauerbraten and to eventually join clans; The issue is that these new players keep going inactive. Two mentioned to me the unwelcoming community when they want to play mix. They were trolled for being noob and often leave bc they feel unwanted” So there you have it guys, be nice to the noobs!


  • Rising Brazilian fragging and mapping star Akari joined.
  • sc0pe, Alkfly, and Stockbrot have returned from inactivity.
  • r4 left to join RB, and
  • Mod left to join !s].
  • They have also started a training clan, rse| to focus on improving newer players. It currently has two members: Avior and Pocho.

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