Bringing Back SauerLeague

Hey everybody, this post is just to see if there would be any players in the community that would like to see SauerLeague again. All you have to do is take 10 seconds of your time to either vote in the poll, write a comment, or tell me somewhere else. If only like 5 guys say something, I’m not gonna waste my time (and money). The rules of the league are not yet set, so feel free to give feedback/suggestions as to what the league should be about it. Right now I’m just aiming to get some activity back into the game, not to worry so much about competition with the top players.


Thanks for reading.


Would you like SauerLeague to come back?

  • Yes (85%)
  • No (15%)
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  1. star

    Given the recent complications to even get some casual clan wars going, I doubt that this will bring some life back into the game. There just aren’t enough complete clans around these days.
    I’m still voting yes, because in the end it’s worth giving it a last try.

    1. Jawer

      I was often surprised how many people showed up at tournaments whereas days before the game seemed dead. It’s an ongoing topic for several years already and I still think Sauerbraten will live on for a longer time.
      Right now it seems to me that we are in some kind of depression where nobody starts the game anymore thinking there won’t be anybody to play anyways.

  2. Jumpy

    Definetelly yes like aga said. Frosty, you’ve asked for some suggestions. I think if you’re gonna start a new tournament, like you said you’ve to aim on new players as well, not just top players. In my experience last time I’ve launched my CEWC tournament, half new players came without anti cheat just because they were.. mm.. let’s say they just didn’t know how to install it. So for a big tournament, it would be better to have no anti-cheat included. That’s just my opinion tho. Anyways, I wish you good luck if you revial SL.

  3. Rudi

    Oh hell yes!!!!! That is a good idea and i am positive that Clans will show up to participate ………
    hopefully this gets all the Clans active again …. i understand that the community has died down from the good old days but events like this might just bring the community back so +1 for sure ;)

  4. Timakrov_Gunn

    A seperate skill league, as Adelaide said, does sound like a good idea. On the other hand, I’m concerned. There’s bound to be some that like to be an @$$ for $#!%s n’ giggles or plain cheap cheats, especially for a newbie league…

  5. Zoocata

    I think at this stage in Sauer’s life we should ditch the requirement to play as a clan in tournaments. Most of them are pretty inactive and you’d be better off just making a temp team with friends.


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