1. Jawer

    Well, to be hard but honest: You can do a whole lot better. I could easily imagine that you took 15 random demos out of your folder and made the movie with them. No personal highlight for me that really left me impressed and whats more important, most of the scenes used here are nothing worth putting in a fragmovie knowing your skill level. I don’t know how old the demos are of course but I think you didn’t need several months to finish the movie.
    Editing was ok but then again, cause the frags weren’t much of a highlight, I thought the slowmotion was really over the top in most cases.
    Concluding all that, I feel like I am an important part of a discouragement for content creators in lately posted fragmovies who I don’t wish to be. It cannot be combined with my honest opinion to only write “great work” below. Keep up your movie series and be more picky with your scene choices. :P


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