An oldie, but goldie!

Soo, once upon a time i saw an OUTRAGEOUS trickjump in Sauerbraten. Back then it wasn’t done in coop-edit, but in normal mode, where they actually waited on quad, climbed to the top and did what I find is one of the coolest trickjumps ever done. But watch for yourself, as !s]starch and me (vaQ’Star) repeated it and !s]Fatality filmed it.

Btw, we fools did it on the first try, ever! I’ve been sitting on this jump for so long and never tried it… I raised my arms when we succeeded :)

I don’t know who the originators were, my guess is something in the direction of some dangerous monkey brothers. If you know it, or if you even have the movie flying around somewhere, let me know pls!


  1. Agalloch

    Nice one. Btw why not to publish trickjumps on every known map? It would be pretty nice material. I know there are some already especially by ACE but id invite new version. You guys are doing great videos with great effects so the result could be awesome.

    1. star

      we’ll take this into consideration. would indeed be a nice vid! maybe mog – trickjump edition.

      oh and all props go to fatality, his editing is gold!

  2. Suicizer

    I once tried to make a movie about certain tricks on maps years ago (even before Ace started publishing certain of them).
    I still got them al in .dmo, although they are all recorded in Trooper Edition or even in CTF Edition.
    I’ll upload them soon somewhere on Sauerworld as I never found any time to redo such a movie.


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