SVN Tournament Announcements: effic and teamplay

We will be hosting two tournaments in August on SVN. Effic will be Sunday, August 16th at 5PM GMT+2, and teamplay will be Sunday, August 30th at 6PM GMT+2. More details on that to come! Both will feature largely new maps, with a mix of some old.

You will need SVN for both of these events. A good tutorial on getting it set up is here:


When: 6PM GMT+2

Format: First will be a best of 1 group stage. 5 random maps will be given to players, and they will each veto one and play what’s left. All players will then move on to a best of 3 single elimination bracket, where the higher seed picks the first map, lower seed picks second, and then tiebreaker maps are picked by each team vetoing maps until one is left (lower seed vetoes first). Finals will be a best of 5 unless both parties want a best of 3 so they can sleep!

Maps: haze janela hillforts dispute souls legacy ot academy memento

Bracket: Message swatllama to sign up!


  1. swatllama

    “and they will each veto one and play what’s left” ~ should read “they will each veto two and play what’s left”, my bad!


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