SVN eCTF Tourney (again)

Hello, friends. The new release is still coming up, and requires more testing. This coupled with requests for an eCTF tourney makes tomorrow the perfect time to host another one! Specifically, we’re testing an eCTF spawnradius that puts players further from enemies when spawning than last test we ran. The hope for this is that you don’t get fucked by some newly spawned asshole when you have flag.

These games will be on Sauerbraten SVN, for which you can find instructions on installation here. You will also need our updated spawnclient, which we will distribute soon, so check back for updates. Install them the same way in SVN the same way you would install wc-ng or comed. You’ll need to point the new executable we provide to the config you want to use (typically right-click, edit, and change the line start %SAUER_BIN%\sauerbraten.exe "-q$HOME\My Games\SauerbratenSVN" -glog.txt %* to whatever folder you want).

All teams of any cool-ass player (aka not bann-ed for being a cuntwad) may play. Clans and mix teams alike are welcome!


  • When: Tomorrow 12 April 2020 (12/4/20) 6PM CEST (GMT+2)
  • Format: Double Elimination. Best of 3 winner bracket, bo1 loserbracket. Team A will pick, Team B will pick, and then for map 3, teams will veto until 1 map is left.
  • Maps: forge, reissen, haste, redemption, luna, breakout, enigma, collide
  • How to sign up: PM swatllama with your team name and who might play for it

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