SSL August 2017: Results

Here are the results from Sunday’s tournament!

Screenshots and demos are available, but they aren’t well sorted!


  • 1st Place: Lokio
  • 2nd Place: Gangler
  • Lokio went 2-0 against Gangler on memento and legacy.


  • 1st Place: Honzik1
  • 2nd Place: Lokio
  • Honzik1 went 2-1 against Lokio, losing on skrdm1, and then winning on hades and toxicity.


  • 1st Place: yjow| (Frosty and Lokio)
  • 2nd Place: ;)| (wtf?! and Aiurz)
  • yjow| went 2-0 against ;)| on hades on cartel.

Thank you to everyone who came, played, or watched. I was happy we got to see some infrequent faces, as well as a couple newer ones. Obstriegel provided the servers, so big shoutout to him!


  1. greenadiss

    I want to thank you Swat and obst, and other people who helped with the tournament and participated in it that you all took part in it and made sauer a bit more alive than usual. It was nice to see this sauer activity. Sadly I didnt watch, nor participate in it, but I am sure everything went well and people liked it! :)

  2. TotallyNotAiurz

    That’s right the teamplay dreamteam BenKei and Aiurz coming in taking that second place. Amazingly talented players the both of them, I enjoyed watching their games and hope to see them compete again in the future!


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