SCL Teamplay January 2022

Hark ye, evil-doers and do-gooders! Fraggers and mappers! Effic and insta players alike! The time of the udder is nye, and he – for the udder is probably male – demands we honour him with bouts of skill, brain, and fragging, and this honourfulling event shall be 2v2 Teamplay, held on January 23rd.

When: January 23rd, 6PM UTC+1
Format: Double Elimination, best of 3 winner’s bracket and best of 1 loser’s bracket. In the winner’s bracket, each team will pick a map (higher seed picks first), and then each team will get two vetoes (lower seed vetoes first), and the last map left will be the tie-breaker map. Finals will be a best of 5, with the winner’s bracket finalist having a one map advantage, and the loser’s bracket winner picking the first map.
Mappool: corruption crypta hades hator horus gorge waltz (waltz hasn’t been featured before!)

Sign up by pm’ing swatllama with your tag and participants!


    1. Akari

      I’m excited to see you making an actual playable map since all of your maps were added by pity


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