SCL Teamplay August 2021 & Circuit Announcement

The next event will be another 2v2 teamplay tournament, which will be followed by a circuit tournament (details below, please answer the poll).

When: Sunday, August 8th, 6PM CEST
Format: Double Elimination, best of 3 winner’s bracket and best of 1 loser’s bracket.
Map Picks: In the winner’s bracket, each team will pick a map (higher seed picks first), and then each team will get two vetoes (lower seed vetoes first), and the last map left will be the tie-breaker map. Finals will be a best of 5 with the winner bracket team having a 1 map advantage, and loser’bracket’s finalist picking first.
Map Pool: catacombs corruption crypta hades hator horus gorge

Sign up by PM’ing swatllama with your team and team name / clan!

After the teamplay tournament, we will host a tournament with a new format: A circuit. Three modes will be run, and in a bo3 series, each team can pick among eCTF, iCTF, and a third mode that will be determined. Each mode and each map can only be picked once per series, so two eCTF games cannot happen for instance in a bo3. The question is, what should the third mode be? Vote below (you can select multiple).

What should the third mode be for the circuit event?

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