SCL May Effic Duel Results

Yesterday’s efficiency duel event went splendidly, as 22 players showed up to play in some high skill effic, ranging from newer people with little tournament experience, to hardened veterans from w00p and sp4nk. starch showed up out of the blue and took the title, losing only one map on academy to Rexus, who got 2nd place after facing starch in the winner’s bracket final, and then again in the grand final. lagout narrowly lost to Rexus in the loser bracket’s final, securing himself a podium finish at third, but not a segway to the grand finals.

Stream vods: (part 1), (part 2)
Demos: (pending)


  1. notas

    Impressive performance that doesn’t show up in the placements from 1989, really high skill showing but really hard bracket. Nice result for Plata showing he’s the real thing. Great event!


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