SCL FFA Ladder!!!

SCL is proud to host the first ladder in many years, this time for FFA. The way this will work is that participants will have 5 weeks to play their games (with approximately 1-2 matches scheduled for each week) throughout the ladder. If enough people sign up, there will be two distinct skill divisions. The ladder will begin on June 14th.

Matches will be announced on Sauerworld and Discord each week, and you can play the match at any time during the week. All three games for a match should be played consecutively though, rather than on different days.

Players themselves can arrange on what server the games should take place. If they cannot agree on a server to play on, a tourney admin (me) will dictate where. They should also take screenshots and get the demos of the matches, and can also ask me to observe so I can stream them.

If players cannot show up to a match in a particular week, they can arrange to postpone or play it ahead of the schedule.

Mode: FFA Duel!!!

When: June 14th – July 18th

Format: Round robin – this means that you will play everyone in your division. Each match will be 3 games rather than a best of 3, meaning all three games must be played. Each map win will count as a point towards your overall ladder ranking.

Maps will be picked by the higher seeded player picking the first map, the lower seeded player picking the second, and then the third by vetoing as per normal tourney rules for the third map (lower seed vetoes first).

Maps: conflict corruption crypta hator hades sauerowalk ztn

Message swatllama on discord to sign up! All are welcome and encouraged.

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