SCL FFA Ladder Week 5 & 6 Games

Week 4 Recap
Master vs Galaxy part 1, Master vs Galaxy part 2
Benkei vs Galaxy
Avior vs Manu
Fixxxer vs Tune
Wulorc vs Tune
Fixxxer vs Cordezz
Akari vs Cordezz

Since I’m posting this late, we’ll combine weeks 5 and 6. All remaining ladder games should be played by¬†July 25th, and games not played by then will count as noshows. The remaining games are as follows:

Division 1:
Master vs Tay
1989 vs Darkfire
Galaxy vs 1989
Tay vs Benkei
1989 vs Master
Darkfire vs Galaxy
1989 vs Benkei

Master, Darkfire, Galaxy Benkei, and Tay have to play 2 games in the next week and a half, and 1989 has to play 4.

Division 2:
ZCrone vs Qur
Rotti vs wanderer
Manu vs Qur
ZCrone vs Raze
ZCrone vs Rotti
Qur vs Avior
Manu vs ZCrone
Rotti vs Raze
Raze vs Qur
ZCrone vs Avior
Rotti vs Manu
Rotti vs Qur

wanderer has to play 1, Avior has to play 2, Manu and Raze have to play 3, and Qur, Rotti, and ZCrone have to play 5 of their remaining games.

Division 3:
Akari vs D4killa
Neko vs Wulorc
D4killa vs Wollmilch
Wulorc vs Fixxxer
Tune vs Akari
Cordezz vs D4killa
Wollmilch vs Neko
D4killa vs Neko
Akari vs Wulorc
Cordezz vs Tune
D4killa vs Akari

Fixxxer only has 1 more game to play, tune, wollmilch, and cordezz have 2 more games to play, Akari, Wulorc, and Neko have 3 more games to play, and D4killa has 4 games to play.

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