SCL FFA Ladder Match 1 Games

Today, the SCL FFA Ladder I’ve been hyping up for many months and not delivering on will finally begin!!!

As a reminder:
– Map pool: conflict corruption crypta hades hator sauerowalk ztn
– You can play your weekly match(es) at any point during the week. Contact me on discord if there’s an issue scheduling a time.
– Please announce on Sauerworld that you will be playing your matches, and highlight swatllama or notas so that someone can stream it if possible. If no one’s available to stream, that’s fine.
– Get the demos of all your games and send them to swatllama.
– Pick a server with a fair ping for everyone. If an agreement can’t be reached on that, contact me.

Division 1: Master, Tay, Benkei, Plata, 1989, Darkfire, Galaxy
Division 2: Manu, Avior, Secrets, Qur, Wanderer, ZCrone, Rotti, Raze
Division 3: Tune, Wulorc, Wollmilch, Neko, Fixxxer, Akari, Cordezz, D4killa

This week’s games:
Division 1:
(Tay vs Galaxy)
(Benkei vs Darkfire)
(Plata vs 1989)

Division 2:
(Raze vs Manu)
(Avior vs Rotti)
(Secrets vs ZCrone)
(Qur vs Wanderer)

Division 3:
(D4killa vs Tune)
(Wulorc vs Cordezz)
(Wollmilch vs Akari)
(Neko vs Fixxxer)

All these games correlate to Round 1on the challonge brackets, but they might not necessarily in the future.

Make sure your games are played before next Monday, June 21st!

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