SCL Effic Results: Partizan becomes the sp4nkinator

Congrats to Partizan for winning the effic tournament!

First place: Partizan
Second place: Rexus
Third place: Frosty

Stream: notas casting part 1, notas casting part 2

Event Recap
18 players turned out for this, and it was absolutely stacked, thanks to DK declining to make an appearance. Galaxy somehow seeded at the top in the all-v-all despite pinging 240+, which was probably the most incredible part of this tournament for me. 

sp4nk did a lot of self elimination here. Galaxy 2-0’d Eleisa, and then hades did the same to Galaxy in the winner’s bracket. Cannibal impressively knocked out bioweapon. Galaxy eliminated Cannibal, and then was immediately eliminated by Rexus in the loser’s bracket.

In the semifinals, hades beat Partizan on turbine, but couldn’t repeat that feat on aard3c or academy, and was later eliminated by Plata. Frosty demolished me on turbine, but I pulled out a 1 point lead after overtime on haze. He vetoed me out to academy, where he decisively beat me to face Partizan in the winner’s bracket finals. There, he lost on turbine, got a nice victory on frozen, and their third match was on dispute. This was going really well for frosty for most of the game, with him holding a small lead for much of it. Towards the end, Partizan caught onto how to turn it around and ended with a 2 point lead, securing himself at least silver.

Rexus eliminated me, and then Plata, so he and Frosty faced off to go against Partizan in the grand finals. They faced on academy, and despite a close game, Rexus ended up on top. Following that, Partizan had a 1-0 lead against Rexus, and Rexus decided to pick a classic turbine, which he lost 86-95. Partizan then picked a tricky map, haze, and won by a narrower margin, but that secured him 3-0 in the grand finals, and the championship.


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