Sauerworld Forum launch & Sauerbraten Community Edition Client

The ComEd Client

As of late, the continous development of yet another Sauerbraten Client has begun. But this time, it won’t be just a one man’s job. This time YOU are invited to take part in the development of a new standard of Sauerbraten gameplay!

Although the project is managed by the Sauerworld Project (more precise: mefisto, chaos and Star), the whole community is encouraged to take part in the development process.

Let us know about your ideas, features you’d like to see or write your own code that will get implemented!
The project is still at an early stage, but some features are already implemented. You might have seen some of them in the MoG#5 video. Make sure to checkout the comed website for info about already implemented functionality.

The comed-client is open source and based upon pisto’s SDoS-client. All features which are going to be implemented are up for debate. Therefore, if you feel they would result within an unfair advantage, you can let the community know about your thoughts.

The Sauerworld Forum

For the abovementioned purpose of discussing and debating changes, the Sauerworld Forum has now been made available to the public.

Quote from the forum’s about:

“…It promotes and hosts discussion between all parts of the Sauerbraten community – casual players, clans and competitive players, developers, mappers, content creators, and fans…”

Enough said… The Sauerworld team awaits your feedback and wishes you a lot of fun!

Community Edition Website:

Sauerworld Forum:

Source on Github:


  1. Acuerta

    The Sauerworld forum will also serve for our various SauerCom purposes.

    You can easily access it via the tab on the top!

  2. Irina Greenadiss

    After testing ComEd for some days and checking different settings, I found the best ones for me
    (I configured everything from the default without adding my old settings which could make things worse somehow)

    multipoll -1 (with multipoll 1 + maxfps 0 + vsync 0|1 I had really jumpy fps which were quite often close to less than 100 and ofc, it was accompanied with lag)


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