1. swatllama

    6/10, but I was confused on the spider’s weapon of choice. Did you mean the rhino in SP? Cause that shoots a weak little “bullet” (although stronger than the ogro and those red guy’s green stuff).

    1. Ardelico

      SauerQuiz 10
      Your Score: 8 / 10
      Your Ranking: Smarty Pants

      I answered the halitosis and spider question :D

  2. greenadiss

    8/10 and who the hell is the spider? I answered chainsaw! who doesn’t like chainsaw?!
    most of the answers were just good guesses plus some logic, like with halitosis :D

    Also, this “Related posts” really annoy while quizzing!

  3. DAI

    Fuck yea!

    SauerQuiz 10
    Your Score: 10 / 10
    Your Ranking: Genius

    Thanks for taking the SauerQuiz! We hope that you enjoyed playing and learned some things about Sauerbraten.

    Don’t forget to post your results in the comment section below.

      1. notas

        no, this one just happened to be super easy for me. one of the questions was literally ‘what did i write in my own guide’ and another one was about fatum :D

  4. Jawer

    I thought i was really good until i failed the last 5, from which some were pure 25% guesses for me.. Except for the bt_falls one. I was and am still 100% convinced bt_falls is released in collect :/


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