SauerDuels #34: Effic1v1

Hello friends, i am so excited to announce our next SauerDuels event which is this Sunday on 8th of December. Frosty didn’t listen me and he decided to go for effic. I think he did that because now that Raffael got banned, i am the next biggest threat. He knew i will be away and he decided to sabotaged me. Also he might did it because it was effic mode turn anyway but i am sure the first reason sound more real.

Nevertheless, we hadn’t have any SauerDuels event for a long time and i have to admit it that i have missed those events. I hope you guys gonna enjoy this tournament and i encourage you to enroll. As for me i am gonna try and watch the stream and drink some guinness. Have fun and see you next time

ps. Here is the link to register into the tournament.


  1. hudaub

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