Officially Retiring From SauerDuels — Frosty

Hello, I’m deeply sad to announce I will be stepping down from SauerDuels permanently, due to personal reasons. I’m very grateful to everyone who contributed; especially Origin for his availability and technical expertise.


I hope my efforts helped keep the game interesting and alive for those who participated or watched, and that someday, others can step up and keep the tournaments going.


I will look back fondly on all of the memories not just from SD, but from sauer in general, and I appreciate all of the people I had the opportunity to play with and talk to over the years.


– Frosty


  1. notas

    The best tournament Sauerbraten has ever had, and it’s not particularly close. Frosty’s steady hand and dedication will be missed. Let’s hope that someday this project can go forward again when there is time, but for now, let’s just appreciate what we had.

    Without promising anything, i INTEND to run semi frequent sauer tourneys AFTER THE RELEASE to fill this void, with the help of the SD staff, and hopefully carrying on the ELO data and most of the SD rules (since they’re basically perfect). It will not be as good as SD, sorry, just not possible. But it will be adequate! So nobody panic, keep playing, get hype for the release, and we’ll take it from there!


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