RESULT: SauerDuels #20

Sauerduels #20 Comment by Tophy

In the beginning was nothing… Then the holy SCHABALABADINGDONG created two worlds:
The real world and SauerWorld! And what would be SauerWorld without a SauerDuels tournament?
This time we finally hit the magical number of twenty – Playing the beloved and well-hated FFA mode;
FFA – Some say it’s the best mode out of all and others say they’d prefer cancer over playing it once. The opinions are very wide-spread as well as the skill level of people playing and people actually enjoying it.

FFA has always been being a less played mode than effic and insta.
But on Sunday we only had six people participating…
These were Frosty, also hosting the tournament along with raffael,
Honzik1, who probably has the most FFA titles of all time,
notas, playing and streaming the fights,
raffael, who currently wears the insta and effic crown,
Rotti, who recently seems to be a very promising player and
ZCrone who is a beginner but also not bad at all.

We actually missed some very good FFA players such as Redon and Lokio plus our well-known swatllama.
We hope to see them next time then…

Many close games were played but in the end, my personal expectations didn’t disappoint me:
notas won all of his games in group stage and advanced to semifinals, giving him a one-win advantage against his first competitor. Position two, three and four were difficult since Honzik1, Frosty and raffael all lost two games out of five so the final score decided: Honzik being placed 2nd, Frosty finishing 3rd and raffael making the 4th.
Our eventual newcomers Rotti and ZCrone played – overall – good games and were played 5th and 6th. I personally want to see more of them in future competitions.

Well, in a nutshell – notas won two games (advantage + one win on nmp8) against raffael. Raffael’s game on tumwalk was very impressive leading to notas’ only defeat in this tournament.
Honzik also acquired a one-win-advantage so he only needed to win one game against Frosty… He actually did it but Frosty was playing bravely and was able to win Honzik one time.

The third-position-game was a close fight which came down to the last minutes, leading to Frosty’s win over raffael making him finishing 4th and  Frosty being placed 3rd on the dais.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, after a too long text about the tourney itself, I finally come to the finals…
Honzik and notas had the pleasure to fight each other one more time. Notas (YEZ I CAPITALIZED UR NAME :P) won two games making a tiebreaker unnecessary. That’s hereby the first time in SauerDuels history where nyamms didn’t win the FFA title (He didn’t play anyways).

Well, if we take a look at the top positions we have notas on 1stHonzik on 2nd and Frosty on 3rd. Congratulations!
But I also want to salute Rotti and ZCrone who played solid games and most likely learned something from it! Good games tho!

This probably sounds like copy-paste now but of course, thanks to Frosty and raffael managing the tourney while playing in it.
Notas, criticizing with expert advice did again a very good job of streaming and entertaining ;)

So that’s all for the moment, guys.
In case of having suggestions or constructive criticism please don’t be shy and tell me (Actually, why would you be shy to me? xD)

Thanks for reading and have a nice week!

notas’ stream:

~BudSpencer aka Tophy or Tophy aka BudSpencer… Whatever


  1. notas

    Most ffa titles is now a 3 way tie between me, Ace and Honzik with 10 each.

    We missed h8 too :P i think he said he overslept

  2. h8

    Why didn’t you play bitchspencer? wtf is this “forever gone” bullshit. WHO HURT YOU? WHY YOU SO DRAMA QUEEN?

    Ty notas for finally mentioning me. No mention in stream, no mention in this post and I probably more ffa than the rest of you. Don’t ignore me coz I’m low skilled no brains annoying faggot cunt who has never won a tournament game against any respectable player. I have beaten lokio and raffael and terminator and was leading on metl3 vs notas for all of 30 secs, I also tied with honzik1 on corruption once, twas a good day. I miss star. WHERE HE BRING BACK. I once made Rexus rage quit on metl4. I remember everything, I am genius.

    1. Tophy

      Yeah sorry for missing you out in that post, unfortunately I didn’t have every regular ffa player on screen.

      I didn’t play because I take a break.


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