Q&A #8 – What do you find attractive in sauer nowadays?

Tuesday …. ehm…. i mean wednesday evening, sorry for being that late this week, time for the next part of our Q&A series. This week, we wanted to know from our interviewees what motivates them to hang/play around in Sauer nowadays.

Check out their answers below:

<Star> Sauerbraten has lost it’s charm. Suspicion, Supersticion and hate dominate this already rotten community. The very foundation of this game, which we all value, has become it’s own death. Kids with ion cannons execute criminal acts and justify it with a grudge they developed against those whose skill they can’t mimic. This all makes me sick. Sauerbraten is just a habit, other (closed source) games and their communities aren’t much better, so I’d rather enjoy playing a game I already know, than getting pissed on by yet another pretender hiding behind IP addresses, not able to control his anger issues.

I still have faith in the Sauerworld project, restoring at least the competitive aspects of Sauer.

<Luffy> Honestly nothing. I have hard times to figure out where one would find something to read about sauerbraten existence not to mention the fact that with all the new games that keeps coming out sauerbraten doesn’t stand a chance. I started to play it again last year, around this time, only because i found an old folder containing some scripts and the only thing that keeps me playing it are the good person i found in noVI :D

In my opinion the fact that the game is dead and keeps losing players derives from the fact that the only updatate, which occur every 4/5 years?, doesn’t bring innovative AND challenging modes. (we all agree that collect was and is a complete disaster). Another part obviously comes from some childs, and here i’m referring mostly to those who started the new trend of DDoSing servers and killed every hope of having a tournament without the fear that it may ends in every seconds; but this is only an aftermath of a dead project.

Clearly as for now, only a miracle will do the trick of bringing the game back to life, and i don’t believe in miracles.

<hamon> The selection of so many game modes is attractive. I play often tactics, ctf and even regen capture . The other reason is my own founded clan with full of great and nice people. I like to hanging on with them and others friendly players each day on mumble and playing a lot of funny games with them. For me is my clan more than a group of players and i am happy that we stay in contact with mates who stopped playing sauerbraten. It hurts to see that sauerbraten is going to die and that a lot of great people left this game. But that is an incentive for me to do something against this and thats why i try to help to organise the only active tournament and some Events(example hide&seek) and support projects, because I can see that helps to keep clans and the “community” active.

<bbk> I still love how sauer feels while playing – very fast and bouncy. I’m really glad to see other modes being played on public servers lately – ffa, teamplay, capture, hold.

As you can see, our respondents have mixed feelings. Now it’s time for your opinion – what do you find attractive in sauer that keeps you coding/playing/hanging around every day and why? Leave us your idea in the comments!


  1. greenadiss

    For me it’s the community in general, people in it but as Star already mentioned, the community is rotten. Here I agree with him. Maybe it’s like with a couple which lives together for many years, they got used to each other and don’t feel the lust which was years ago but they still have an attraction for each other.

    Actually, I am very tired to see how people hate each other every fkn day, how old players still having fun by making jokes with new players, like “type /quit spectator” etc. It’s all sad.

    We try to save this game but first we need to change our attitude to new players and give them a chance to get attracted to this game.

  2. Zoocata

    I find myself editing a lot more nowadays. Back in 2011 I switched to fragging because I got sick of the editing community, and sadly I find myself going back for the same reason. It’s not “drama” or even individual people, it’s just the attitude of the community in general. There isn’t really any respect or forgiveness or grace at all. It’s elders > everyone else.

    That’s my two cents.

      1. Fatality

        For me Sauer is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played simply for the fact that it is so damn simple. You don’t have to invest anything in it to play, you just have to be bored or have the need to kill 20 minutes. There is also so much more to it than just fragging, like f*cking around on servers or whatever. The small community is also attractive for me, it would be nice to see it larger and more active of course, but there is no community like the one sauer has, that’s for sure.

  3. Agalloch

    For me it is just relax even sometimes i have a mood to destroy whole world, it also belongs to my relax.

    Especially after work which is sometimes 22 hours a day, i have a mood to relax this way in game.

  4. bandandit

    Plain and simple: the unique bonds of different people from all over the world, especially those who spend time and energy to make the game experience and community better and more enjoyable. When else do I ever get the chance to chat with a German and Ukrainian at the same time? Throw a Canadian in there and it’s a party!

  5. vzzec

    Hmm thats a good question. I think for me personally it is the fact that ive met some people who arent as boring as 90% of mankind are. I would consider some of them as almost equal to me when it comes to intelligence and mental strength which results into really enjoyable mindbattles. However i have lost interest in the game itself. There is no real challenge for insta players like me anymore as cw’s, mix games and duels are usually effic based nowadays and public games are to easy. Im also tired of those little spoiled kids who have nothin better to do than acting retarded. On the other hand it amuses me that some shallow personailities try to mess with me although im a few stages above them. Its comparable to playing with ants. In conclusion i keep playin the game because of certain players who managed to gain my interest.

  6. bbk

    I tried to stay positive and short when asked this question, but I’d like to add that I am glad for the virtual friends I’ve met over the years and am so glad to be able to support sauerworld and all the talent and time being invested in this free game. Cheaters piss me off but I can’t take any of this too seriously. I just want to have fun…

  7. Nighty

    Wtf you mean?!! Its sauer bitches! The best game in the world lol. All jokes aside I’ve played all sorts of games, pc games, console games, and much more. But sauer seems to has always stick with me. Ive really enjoyed the time ive played with the players in the community. I dont see where this “shit community” is, i love the players, noobs and all.

  8. hades

    tbh it’s not so much attractive anymore. I really only play it because i enjoy this community of friends/and even family :P. But no really, I’ve found myself venturing off playing games like ql but i don’t like it so much because there is no community like ours. Like I think it was greenadiss who said “you can’t really get on ts/mumble with a bunch of randoms from a different community and have a good time with them.” I just talked to bandandit for the first time in mumble and i’d say me,him, and greenadiss had fun.

  9. swatllama

    To clarify, I did not say that! That was something people said about Tesseract.
    Oh and what frosty said is completely right. Play it a few times with people your own level so you don’t get your ass kicked by quad-wielding Degrave, and you might like it. I’m sure at least some of you cunts will. :)

  10. hades

    Well obviously we’ve tried them and don’t like them, so stop suggesting your useless shit and go do a bot match. #complainer #getoverit #gtfo


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