Q&A #28 – How Did You Find Sauerbraten?

Sauerbraten has grown a very dedicated and loyal community. We wanted to find out how people initially got introduced to Sauerbraten and begun their journey into joining the active playerbase.


Back in 2010 probably, an elementary school friend showed me that game on his laptop and we joined a coop server and he showed me what he already knew. He played around with the materials n stuff while some other dude built a grey ramp with the yellow railing model. I built what it somewhat looked like, as far as I can remember it. To this day I still have no clue how my friend found about the game himself. I actively started playing in late 2012 on my own laptop, mostly on editing servers as well and built very simple houses and such stuff, the usual coop-edit server stuff you’d see in that time. With the Collect release, I met Neo for the first time and he taught me to build more advanced stuff until like early 2014. He vanished out of nowhere (today I know why), and so I lost interest. I joined the Sauerworld discord in March or early April 2017 after playing on Riga every now and then, although I wasn’t as active in the com as I am today. I started becoming active in like September 2019 and am happy since then


Well to be honest i found out about Sauerbraten 2009 by a german computer magazine called “Computer Bild”. There was a CD with “100 Best free Egoshooter” I started playing on Venice Server for almost one year. I think after I joined .rC| I found my way in the Sauer community (2016)


i found the game when i was 15 almost 16 years of age on the internet while looking for a first person shooting game to play with mates against one another, back in late 2008 start 2009 i played as dominator and i was pretty good at the game so i played it for around a year, it was called trooper edition when i started and it was a lot of fun but my mates preferred to play counter strike 1.6 instead so i left trooper and played counter strike with them but i didn’t like that game so much so i stoped gaming for a long time till i came back in july in 2018 and i like the game a lot more now then what i did back in 2009, not sure if i am part of the community but i did make some maps with a lot of help from very good map makers and players so that’s about all i can say


It was back in 2010, when i went to my grandpa. he was kinda a computer-fanatic and always showed me some games. One time he showed me sauerbraten, and it was something special compared to the other games, and was pretty addictive. especially the edit mode back then with like 10 people just building random shit, i met people like sYNDERF in 2011 or -12 while playing public coop and Mod in 2014, almost joined the clan {* CEA *} with Deathman, Zeus and TheEnd… after a few breaks i finnaly i started with competitve in 2017 and joined the sauer community the first time and went back inactive in 2018 til early 2019


i don’t really remember since it was almost 14 years ago i believe but it involved desperately trying to find something to play on my parents’ iMac


random computer-related magazine that had a CD of free games, as for when exactly, not sure, but sometime after CTF edition

i started playing afps regularly again a few years ago through quake champions so im pretty fresh to the community. wasnt really gaming too much before that, was in another place in my life. i kinda hop around games but go back to qc a lot. played it recently and it felt bad. sauer spoiled me a bit.

The one, the only, loca

Iam banned from Sauerworld i found sauer when i shited to linux and i found the game and downloud it but iam back to windows now

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