Q&A #2 – What enemy mode/map pick annoys you the most and why?

Again we have asked our readers to pour their heart out to us. This time we wanted to know what mode/map picks agitate them and why.

hades: “ectf/ictf dust, because it’s clearly an unbalanced map and the only people who suggest it is people on evil team”

Vanquish: “ictf dust2 = worst”

Fear: “efficctf dust2 because it’s just the most unbalanced map in Sauer and instactf facecapture because its one of the most  boring maps in this mode”

Fohlen: “instactf anything”

Frosty: “efficctf reissen and efficctf forge cause we do it every fucking time holy shit”

What mode/map combinations are particularly annoying for you? Leave a comment!

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    1. Vanquish

      I’ve personally never enjoyed the map in any mode, so whenever it was picked (not ‘every round’) it was usually as a result of being outvoted on the matter. I don’t see how this contests the fact that I don’t really care for the map and furthermore that insta-based modes put me to sleep; and thus that I find this pick utterly reprehensible.

    2. Hutch

      @truth will set you free: Are you kidding? Since Joran has left, maybe we have picked iCTF Dust2 once or twice? Not our fault he used to pick it every round, and trust me when I say that none of us enjoy it :)

    3. star

      I believe this was !s] who picked it each time we raped them on every other map beforehand. Just so that they can get off winning us on dust2.
      I think they realized that we just played it out of kindness with 10% seriousness and 0% ambition. Quite a good tactical move to turn the many clan war statistics on their website around to favour them.

  1. vzzec

    Fohlen: “instactf anything”
    Shame on you dude!
    I want to be removed as DK honorary member immediately


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