Q&A #15 – What are your 3 favorite scripts for sauer? Also explain why you prefer them!

In this episode of our weekly Q&A series, we interviewed some players about their favourite scripts. Check out their answers below!

<wtf> I dont really use much scripts to actually improve my playing. The only script I use is the classic script that changed to shotgun, fires and changes back to whatever weapon you were using before. Its nice: fast, quick and easy. On place 2 I have a script that changed my name back to ‘wtf?!’, which is ideal for people who ask me who i am. Then finally i have a quickconnect script because looking in the server list is so hard.

<Chaos> I’ll go over them in no particular order. One of my favorites is srbs’s stats script, which basically just displays your basic stats in the gamehud. I like it because it’s just simple, lightweight, elegant, and above all useful. Another I like is this “quickconnect” script that me and razgriz worked on some time ago (http://quadropolis.us/node/3207), that basically lets you manage your favorite servers and quickly connect to them. Last but not least, it’s gotta be the pretty screenshot script, of which there are a bunch. Sometimes you don’t want all that garbage on the screen when taking a screenshot, so pretty-screenshot scripts come in handy.

<Vanquish> I’ve made weapon binds that change my crosshair depending on the weapon i’m using but that’s it. Oh, and they also change from hudgun 0 -> hudgun 1 depending on the gun too.

<swattlellama> I have three cute little binds I use. Two of them are zoom binds: bind “f” [zoomfov 35; togglezoom], and bind ‘z” [zoomfov 20; togglezoom]. I like them since I can easily and simply change my zoomfov just depending on the key.  I also have an F10 bind for logging in to ogros and PSL servers. It’s nice to hit a button instead of typing setmaster swatllama/rjrJO (my first password!)

<Star> Although I realize the power behind scripting, I was never a big fan of them. All those menus, the tons of zoomscripts and alike never interested me much. I’m a very paticular player and I often feeel the need to have special customized functions, many of which I got used to, when playing other games. That said, I can’t name 3 scripts, because i only use two and there is no timer. My most favourite script is, what i believe is known under the name ‘quickshot’ script. I use it for the chainsaw, which is my only true skill in instafagmodes. It goes like this:
bind “MOUSE3” [oldwep = (getweapon) ;setweapon 0 ;attack ;onrelease [setweapon $oldwep]] .

The second script i use is my zoomscript, which is a push-button-to-zoom script with a circumvention of not gettin stuck in zoom when you are killed while zooming. You can find it here

<hades> I like the comed duel script, because it’s like the one that chaos and srbs made some time ago. It really helps you not have to look at the scoreboard for any reason. I like the quick connects that i made to join every server that i will connect to, such as /woop connects me to swu, /vaq connects me to ds, /novi connects me to udgrnd, /psl … You get it. Really helps because i’m too lazy to type an address or look through the server browser.

What kind of scripts are you  using? Let us know your experiences, by dropping a comment!



  1. Fuzzy

    Buck has a ton of scripts that he uses, but I just have a quick chat gui menu, a quick server menu, and a few cycle weapon keybinds.

  2. Quality

    I preferably like to use my own wheel-zoom-script (I’m just used to it and it works fluently) and an effic script to bind the keys to weapons so you switch to it, attack and switch back as soon as the key is no longer pressed


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