ogros.org and PSL server are back: sauerleague.org

After shutdown 2years ago and transfer of the ogros.org domain to Art and its sudden disappearance, the ogros website is back again, bringing the good old PSL server with them!

At this moment, the ogros.org clan is just a two man show (despite of them referring to themselves as us, but I’m sure prime members such as fragginfucker and bengu1 are just around the corner). oo|zero and oo|NemeX uploaded a backup from 2015, containing a few of the old ogros tipps and tricks, as well as the old forum, containing treasures such as: Permbanned again!?

The accompanied servers are running the ogros wahnmod featuring the old ogros #arena modes, but lacking the name protection and scoreboard.
The connects are:

OGROS.sauerleague.org 1: connect 15000
OGROS.sauerleague.org 1: connect 25000
PSL.sauerleague.org 1: connect 10000
PSL.sauerleague.org 1: connect 20000

Also checkout the PSL history for some fine ego boosting.


  1. zero

    Thanks for the post. I only like to correct that it*s not me alone who brought back ogros and without help especially with the Wahnmod it would not be possible.


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