Introducing: racemod


what? and gamesurge irc: #racing-extreme
who? eC.Térence, but with the help and suggestions from lot’s of people (credits on the website)
why? because it’s the new generation of sauer racing.


After the long reign of venice insta team terror, we now live in the liberal sauer-age, where eihrul allows all kinds of gameplay modifying mods in the masterlist. This freedom brought us, next to pisto’s popular rugby and zombie servers, the undeniable popular race mods. These are actually, what brought us into this to this age, by exploiting a loophole in the coop-server policy. /dev/zero’s racemod was to my knowledge the first of its kind. But now there is a new one in town and it already looks amazing.

I’m not really a fan of those racing mods, imo, they require very few skill and if you die, you have to start all over again at the beginning, without the timer getting resetted. So if you want to make records, you need to find an empty server or host your own, private one.

But now, this is all about to change, introducing:

It’s founder eC.Térence, has put a lot of work into a whole framework, to make sauer racing challenging and fun again. Térence’s servermod is based on the well known remod and has many extras added to it using C++ and sauerbraten’s very own cube script! Not only is there an improved ircbot, who relays the messages from irc directly into the ingame chat (not via the console) and vince versa, but there is also a sophisticated website behind it all, harboring a stats and server preferences system, authkey generation, map manager and many more features (50+ already).

The project’s staus’ are currently at 30% for the website and 50% for servermod. But don’t be fooled by Térence’s incredible, ambitious goals, you can already use all the functionalities I described above. And there are still more features, which i won’t detail in this short introducion and many more will follow. A complete list of the projects goals and vision, together with a forum to connect to the rest of the racing community, can be found on the already mentioned website. (or for the lazy: here. Oh i know YOU are, don’t even try to deny it)

This servermod is user experience based and fun dictated! So if you like to share positive or negative experiences, don’t waste time and hit Térence up in irc or via the forum.
There is also a dedicated section for mappers, which are encouraged to upload their maps on to the website (guides will follow soon).

So all that’s left to say is: check this shit out! /connect
( I was also promised there will be an effic style race challenge in the future, weee! )


  1. Some1

    “/dev/zero’s racemod was to my knowledge the first of it’s kind. ”
    Thats wrong.


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