Interview with the Rising Cubers

SauerCom’s last interview goes back quite some time. To be precise, eihrul’s interview dates back to November 2013 .. Take that into the equation, add the recent events of the SauerCom Cup and you get?
Exactly, an interview with the up-and-coming ‘Rising Cubers’, the winners of our first eCTF cup!

rC is a dark horse in Sauer. You have your roots in AssaultCube, a different Cube mod, however, you switched to Sauer recently. 

When did that happen and what persuaded you to do that?

Marti: We switched to Sauer on the 23rd of November. AssaultCube went kinda inactive and we had a lot of fun with the Cube game and with our clan’s mentality, so we switched to Sauer, another Cube game. We chose Sauer because Vanquish, yopa and me all had previous experience in Sauer (yopa and me in BoB and Vanquish in MyS). Sauer differs a lot from AssaultCube, but I think we adapted nicely to Sauer now. It’s also much more active as a game which keeps the game appealing and fresh.

What was the transition from AC to Sauer like? Are there are noticeable differences between both games/communities?

Vanquish: Unquestionably. Sauer certainly requires many different “styles” of aim. Assault Cube only really trains two “styles” of aim – precision and hitscan. This helped me transfer my aim to the chaingun and rifle quite easily, however I still struggle somewhat with the concept of splash damage and/or rockets – but it’s something I’m working on.

Jorik: In my opinion, going from AC to Sauer is easier than going from Sauer to AC. Sauer focuses less on the flow of the game and people in Sauer are more focused on the game itself. I, however, like the metaplay of the game and I can use this well in clanwars. People in Sauer play more duels than in AC, which leads to more activity.

New clans usually have a hard time trying to establish themselves in Sauer. Not you though. You even won the first team tournament you played in last Sunday.
How are you different than all the other clans?

Deluxe: We might value team games more than other clans actually do. I know that lots of our members do like 3vs3 or 4vs4 or even 2vs2 much more than 1vs1. Plus some members came with a great teamwork from AC, which is actually a bit missing in “established” Sauer clans … there are mostly great individual players, but less focused on teamgames.

Marti: rC has the almighty Martinator, he is the one that keeps the morale high and eventually persuaded Acuerta to join rC (okay maybe that was vanquish)

Vanquish: Expanding on what Deluxe said, since we’ve had a lot of experience in Assault Cube together we were very used to coordinating ourselves and creating strategies. Despite the fact that our 1v1 skills are not at the top level yet we do our best to play around this weakness and create situations in game whereby scores and so on come down to teamwork and synchronization rather than raw aim.

Ok now to the Cup. As a newcomer, did you ever expect to win it? Like, when you were invited, or after you played your first couple of matches? Did you specifically prepare yourself for the tourney? Eat special breakfast? :D 

Joran: I didn’t expect us to win actually. Not because I didn’t have faith in us, as a team, but because of the other clans who have all been together much longer than we have, and trained and played much more together. Besides that, most of us never participated in a tournament before. I didn’t specifically prepare myself for the tournament, we just did a couple of games together. I ate hagelslag as breakfast.

Deluxe: I didn’t expect rC to win the whole cup. I was just looking from match to match, but at some time in semifinal or something I told myself “Wow, it looks great”. It’s fantastic that we got into the finals without a loss, and winning the cup was something I didn’t even dream of. It was a great moment for me, since it is the first tournament in Sauer I played so much and so long. I got lucky with the date, because it was in middle of my holidays, so I had some time to get in shape, but i didn’t train specifically for the tournament.

Marti: Didn’t play sadly, couldn’t make it in time. I didn’t expect to win the tournament at all. (I did eat a special breakfast though, I ate bread with hagelslag, a delicious dutch breakfast, ask Vanquish or Joran about it)

Vanquish: I woke up at midday, had a shower, ate breakfast, went to the gym. Nothing too out of the ordinary, although I did have a warm-up wank about 10 minutes before we were due to start.

Jorik: The result was unexpected, but I knew for sure that we stood a good chance. Our coordination is better than in most teams, because I’ve known most of my teammates for years. We don’t give up when things go bad and I think that is our key to success. I was happy that I could actually play on a Sunday, because beforehand I wasn’t certain if I could make it in time.

What song did you listen to right after winning?

Joran: Sweeper sent me the song Cirkus, by King Crimson was the first song I listened to after I closed Sauer.

Vanquish: I had the album “True” by Avicii on. EDM.

Marti: After I heard we won I immediately played 2 songs, Queen – We Are The Champions, and Aero Chord – Ctrl Alt Destruction, great songs and they fit well with us ^^

Deluxe: I listened to the Retrodelic Set by Ace Ventura for the whole games and after (yeah right I was just on YouTube for the whole time).

Did you personally enjoy playing in this tournament?

Deluxe: Actually very much – thanks to my great mates. Spending 5 hours with them is just a nice thing! But in the end i was very done and getting tired of sauer, so i was glad Acuerta could take over my place for the last 3 maps – specially since a friend of mine just arrived.

Joran: Spending 5 hours listening to Vanquish, Deluxe and Jorik is just awful. Believe me.

Vanquish: I found it a mixture of being exciting and also stressful. It was the first Sauerbraten tournament I’ve ever competed in, and thus I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything to let my team down, many of whom have played about three or four times as long as me.

Jorik: It was very nice and I’m certainly looking forward to the next edition!

How would you all describe your role within rC?

Joran: We don’t have specific roles within our team. We make all decisions together and so do we play.

Marti: I am the Martinator, the dictator who keeps the morale high, and i brag a lot to make us look good. The occasional troll i do is always successful. I’m one of the few to have successfully trolled Acuerta [editor’s note: he hasn’t]. I don’t usually have a role in matches, my only ‘role’ is to not suck too much so we still win ;)
Deluxe: I am the rifle whore.
Vanquish: Just to dispel any rumours, we definitely do not have one dictator or leader. We are a democracy as Joran said.

Jorik: In the game itself, I like to have the role of the architect. I like to coordinate well with my teammates and get as much information as I can. Outside of the game, I think that every member has the same role, which is trying to make this clan as nice as possible.

What are your plans for the future of rC? Do you see yourselves at the top of the Sauer world now?

Joran: We don’t see ourselves as the best clan of Sauer now. We did a great job winning the cup, but winning on one specific mode doesn’t make you the best clan overall. Also there are so many other great players who didn’t participate.

Marti: We have to be consistent and win most of our matches with any lineup to be considered the top of the Sauer world. (we do have the 2 best players in the game tho, Acuerta and Marti)

Who are your favourite players in Sauer? Any players that have influenced your personal style?

Deluxe: My favorite players can be seen on the .rC – Members list. They recently told me how to improve my teamwork over TS, and I am thankful therefore.

Joran: I’ve met so many great people in this game. Everyone from the rC squad, Sweeper, AlieN, Tagger and much more cool people. Basically everyone can inspire me. I just love watching different people to explore various, new styles of playing the game so I can improve my own gameplay.

Marti: I don’t have any favourites but I like seeing people play who do jumps I can’t do yet. Basically any pro.

Vanquish: My personal favourite players are Acuerta, brownie and Jorik. And of course, I love everyone we have in our current squad – each member brings something new and great to the table.

Jorik: My favourite player is brownie. I’ve watched him play a few games and I think his skill isn’t mainly focused on one branch of the game, but he can play any mode well. I don’t think he even knows he’s my favourite player, so here you go brownie!

Would you like to add anything? Anything you want to have known? Any greetings?

Vanquish: Thanks to pisto and/or mefisto for renting a VPS hosted nearer to me than anyone else so I got the lowest ping. Next time rent a server in England so I get 7 ping, thanks!

Marti: When I started Sauer many people thought I was a girl, well I’m not :D. I’d also like to share my personal greetings, HINDABUILDING! (vanquish and yopa know all about this), and Hail Martinator! with you guys.

Jorik: I would just like to say congratulations to the persons who were hosting the tournament, because they made it an awesome event!

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