Effic 1v1 Summer League – Let The Games Begin

The Participants

Division 1 [brackets]

  1. Acuerta
  2. Art
  3. cocoa
  4. Deimos
  5. echo-echo
  6. lagout
  7. notas
  8. wtf

Division 2 [brackets]
  1. Chaos
  2. Fear
  3. Gangler
  4. hades
  5. Nighty
  6. sparta
  7. Star
  8. swatllama

The Schedule
Start Date: 04.05.2014 (“the fourth of May”)
Due Date: 08.06.2014 (“the 8th of June”)
In order to make concession to the wishes of our participants, we have decided to adjust the format a little.
You have to play all 7 players in your division once in a best-of-3, but the time and place is up to you.
Only regulation is, the games have to be played until the due date!

After the ladder is finished, we are going to host a play-off between the top 2 or 4 of DIV1 and maybe arrange a similar event for DIV2 as well!

How to play

The matches will be played best-of-3.

Map Pool: turbine – ot – memento – academy – frozen

Picking: A (player on the upper half) vetoes one map – B (player in the lower half) vetoes one map – A picks one map – B picks one map – last map unless it’s 2-0 already

Win / Tie / Loss = 3 / 1 / 0 Point(s)
Note: Ties are possible! 60-60; 51-50; 30-40 –> Tie
Win + Tie means a 3rd map will have to be played.

Free server choice – no admin supervision unless specifically asked for by one/two player(s)

Make sure to idle in #sauercom whenever you’re ready for games.

Before you play your ladder matches, let the folks in #sauercom know in case someone wants to spectate. No mastermode 3 please!

After the games, take screenshots and report them to SauerCom on irc.gamesurge.net



  1. Anonymous

    Vanquish should be in bracket one. Incredibly underrated and an in my opinion a great player who would have done well. Acuerta will win it all but disappointed (b)otato didn't play. and I would have liked to see brownie and acuerta face off also :)

    1. Vanquish

      yo, no idea who you are, (and thanks for the compliments btw, really means a lot), but if I actually had the time to play sauer actively atm I&#39;d probably put myself in for bracket two. This tournament came at a very unfortunate time when I have about 57335273485 exams happening all at once. :(<br /><br />I agree, brownie and Acuerta would be an awesome match. :D

  2. SauerCom

    Vanquish, eternalsolstice and brownie have all been asked to participate but declined.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice job setting this whole thing up SauerCom. Looks great :) <br /><br />Looking forward to seeing some demos when I have time.


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