ComEd v0.1 Release

The Sauerbraten Community Edition project is excited to announce version v0.1, the first official release!

In addition to all of the enhancement’s that pisto and the rest of the team provide in the sdos-client’s SDL2 base, the ComEd includes even more features and customization options for players to tweak their gaming environment exactly the way they like it.

Some features included are (source ComEd blog):

  • Full weapon flare look customizations
  • Fully customizable game hud + may extra elements
  • Extended Scoreboard features
  • Clientside demo recording
  • Advanced demo replay

and many more. Be sure to checkout the GUI by issuing /comed within the chat console.

You can download it by visiting the ComEd blog, or by clicking one of these shiny buttons:

get ComEdwindows get ComEdlinux get ComEdMacOSX

The ComEd project is always open to suggestions, feature requests and bug reports. If you would like to help contact the dev team via the Sauerworld forum or directly via the #sauerworld IRC channel on gamesurge.

~ The ComEd team.


  1. Acuerta

    Guys, try this client. You will never play with vanilla or other clients again.

    It’s easily one of the top 5 things that’s ever happened to/in Sauer.

  2. unnamed

    Postby Sai_Skii » 20.07.2014, 05:24

    Hey, we have been working on a happy sauer client for a while now, and i have just one question for anyone that can answer it for me. Does a rifle color trail count as cheating? It shows either blue rifle shot trails for the blue team, or red rifle trail shots for the red team. See the problem with this is you can see witch team the shot came from. Would this be a problem?

    Re: Question?!
    Postby Fearer » 20.07.2014, 22:57

    Short answer.
    Yes ;)

    Re: Question?!
    Postby Fatality » 15.08.2014, 06:00

    Team skins are already different from enemy skins by default, while all smoke trails are the same; I think it’d be cheating as it gives an unfair advantage to someone with vanilla sauer

    Re: Question?!
    Postby Vanquish » 15.08.2014, 17:36

    Fatality wrote:
    it gives an unfair advantage over someone with vanilla sauer

    FTFY :D

    Everything’s already been said. I doubt you’ll get banned for using this shit but if you want to stay honest just leave it at default.

    faggoty confirmed again
    noobs want colored rifle smoke? cheat
    trusties want colored rifle smoke? totally legit, good work!
    thats the sauer spirit

    1. Agalloch

      Cmon are you so retarded or not?

      Does a rifle color trail count as cheating? It shows either blue rifle shot trails for the blue team, or red rifle trail shots for the red team. See the problem with this is you can see witch team the shot came from. Would this be a problem?

      Says all.

      1. Agalloch

        Ok, more deep.

        le quote
        It shows either blue rifle shot trails for the blue team, or red rifle trail shots for the red team
        end of le quote

        Now find the difference between comed and what this guys says.

      2. Acuerta

        ^ What Agalloch said.

        Plus, Fear’s opinion is irrelevant anyway.

        But seriously though, what’s wrong about making sauer look a bit better?

        For people that like to make movies this is gold.

    2. Cocoa

      Unnamed, whoever you may be…

      In our, speaking for ComEd’s development team and our contributors, opinion, there is a difference between just colouring shots for optical reasons and colouring shots by team for tactical ones.
      Simply colouring shots in a unitary way, on the one hand, is nothing more than a cosmetic variance and doesn’t affect gameplay. Giving different colours to the shots of teammates and enemies, however, grants a player an advantage by letting him know whether there is an enemy shooting at him or a teammate’s shot randomly passing his FOV, which will lead him to either react or ignore it. The suggestion that Sai described in his forum post was therefore rejected being considered a cheat, whereas no one giving feedback on the idea saw a problem with a mere facelift.

      Next time, instead of anonymously insulting, flaming and complaining afterwards, think about just joining the discussion and give fair comment. We would never implement a feature that is considered dishonest by a major part of the community – and I’m not talking about “trusties”, as you call them, but anyone participating in the argument. However, we cannot take into account “the other players'” opinion if they don’t tell us about it. You, unnamed, are the first one I see giving negative – even though rather destructive – feedback about this topic. If you actually take this serious and it isn’t just a flame post for the flaming’s sake, then talk to us giving some more constructive and objective reason.

      tl;dr: We do care about all players’ opinion, but pure offence is very probable to fall on deaf ears.

      1. ФЭНТАZИ

        What about player names high positioning, so you can know where enemy is long before you can actually see him. Or hpbar, so you know, for example who should carry a flag, and ppl with the default client need spend time to type or talk. It is not “cosmetics”…

      2. ФЭНТАZИ

        Such behaviour is almost 99% persent proof that your are the bunch of cheater faggots described in unnameds post, or at least some of you…

      3. star

        @names: we already talked about this on our website and issued our concers
        intern we will replace them with quake like drawattacker popups

        for the teamhealth, the point of comed is to raise the skill level, all major FPS games have such a feature, that’s where we try to set the bar.
        same goes for the flare customisations. which are very different from distinguishable flares per team.

        comed is community edition and we hope that it catches on, becomming the standard for all independent clients.

        ComEd will add features, the big boss never accepted for no good reason.
        you could read the about on our website again for more info.

        p.s.: stop dat bitchin, pls.

      4. Cocoa

        If you think these features should be removed or at least further discussed, feel free to open a forum topic describing your concerns and have a discourse happen.
        I suggest the forum for this discussion because in my opinion certain spam comments in the comment section of this blog make a factual dialogue unnecessarily hard, if not impossible.

      5. star

        he can’t, i told him to use the forum, but he kept bitchin at me via irc.
        somehow it’s just not his style to do what others ask him to, but the exact opposite.

      6. ФЭНТАZИ

        I think, you should think about it. You have like 2m of testing it, and it is not hard to figure out that those features can be a _real_ advantage over other players with the default client. I see no point to discuss it further, as i think it is very hard not to notice the advantage.

        P.S. How the fuck like 100ppl can’t notice it… i really don’t get it…

      7. Agalloch

        But still, remember thats its not cocoa, Acuerta, Star only who wants that kind of features. If i count myself at least a bit into community, i just want it too since it makes sauer look a bit better. Ofc, i play effic mostly and i dont expect to play versus, lemme say, noobs, which are using vanila client. So there is no advantage. I usually play against stronger players, much much better than me.

        Remember that its a community edition, community request and we simply like it, want it. And ofc, developers ARE a part of community, they share an idea and usually ppl talk about it and they will say, if its a good or not.

      8. ФЭНТАZИ

        >noobs, which are using vanila client

        point taken. you want a pro client, to have advantage over valinila noobs. enjoy.

      9. Acuerta

        Sometimes you forget one essential thing: This is just a game. Meant for you, me, us, everyone, to have fun.

        And this client definitely makes this game a lot more fun for everyone who uses it.
        All you do is complain when you should actually thank them for the great job they did.

        If you want serious competition where everyone has the same circumstances, then make it happen. Rent servers, make the tournament system, get referees, make an anticheat client.

      10. Vanquish

        I’m using your client, which also has a ton of extra features compared to the default client. Would you mind explaining to me why you’re singling out comed as a client which aims to give an advantage over “valinila noobs” when yours does pretty much the same thing?

        no hate, just interested

      11. star

        If I may, I’d like to take the chance to clarify what it’s about.

        … see below for a better read …

      12. Agalloch

        I dont get your problem. There is no advantage for me if i play with ppl with same or under level. You can just download that client instead of bitching and use it.

        Why the fuck you made your client? Its also giving an advantage vs vanilla client and dont make any excuses.

        As i explained, i dont play vs players without comed or other client because i am usually playing vs much better players and they are using comed, crash client, other client. Stop bitching, do something usefull and download that client and try it. Or your russian ego is the problem?

        We simply WILL use it and nothing will change it anyhow you insult us, or developers. And if for you is comed with features which are “cheat” or an advantage, then remove your client. If has at least 1 advantage and think about, which is it.


  3. star

    If I may, I’d like to take the chance to clarify what it’s about.
    Very early in the development process, we’ve received a request to make the names shown above the player a little bigger, so that you can see who is attacking you in the distance. Because this makes sense (quake, warsow and all other games i know have this feature, but more on this later) , I decided to implement this request.
    So there is now an option /playernamesize and /playername offset, as well as /playerhealth with i thought is a nice idea for the demand on mix games has become high and it would ease communication (later more on this).
    The problems with the first 2 commands became very clear upon creating and I pointed them out right away. Take a scenario on dust2, any of the flag bases. If the offset of the name is too high, you (being defender) can see where an enemy approaches, because his name sticks out when it goes up the ramps. To be honest here for a second, I even used this feature when the option to make the names bigger wasn’t there yet. I used /playernamesize and offset only during the dev phase and they are now set to their default values. As I pointed out on so many occasions, we will replace this function with a quake style draw attacker which pops up as a hud element. This is planned since long, but as we can’t work on everything at the same time, other features were given higher priorities.
    So if you think, that’s getting tldr, you may skip the rest of my comment. As you see, it’s obsolete anyhow and eternal just needed an angle in.

    Now, to let my personal view about this thing loose. I was hoping to get a discussion about each feature via the official channels, meaning the forum of sauerworld, ComEd section. But instead nobody cares, or at least nobody but eternal and me thinks that this feature is worth a discussion. Sadly eternal has to discuss stuff ‘his way’ so we end up in a crappy comment section, which will vanish in a few weeks to never been seen again. That’s sad, but ok, lets play this game for once.
    Now, why does eternal do this? I have no idea, mabye he’s just a dick, or he doesn’t like me, but it’s obvious for anyone from the first day on comed was released, that eternal didn’t like it, because I was involved.
    Now, comed was born to be the client of the community. Of course, when you download the vanilla, hell yeah you get disadvantages. But why do you just blame comed? There are many clients around giving you advantages over others and nobody seems to give a fuck. I found it very important to accompany comed with a very comprehensive documentation and I also added developer notes and warnings, to each feature, issuing our concerns.

    Now to eternal, you little fuck. Ofc he had to pick an angle to enter this discussion, which was backed up enough so that his point can’t be denied. The only thing missing is, that he left out the fact that i am of his very opinion. As he couldn’t bitch about the flarecustomisations anymore he took this road. Fuck off, seriously. I told you i’d like to see your pullrequests and i told you i’d like to see you contributing. But because of what ever personal reasons you have against me, you started developing your own client, at which point the ‘alternative’ was giving you another angle to shit on comed. I know you’ll now go on about how shitty the support is and bla bla bla star is a turd not listening in irc n shit. I hope i made this already clear, but just for you, once again:
    you know, there are some foos playing this game and taking part, who don’t sit around and put 100% of their time into it. A forum is a nice way to have permanent discussions going where one can answer later and not on the spot. There is no reason to refuse this.

    at last, a quote from the about page of the comed website (i suggest you read it once, as it’s all explained there):

    All changes can be discussed on the Sauerworld Forums and we cannot stress enough that the whole community is encouraged to take part in this process.

    very last words:
    there is a difference between being a troll and being a plain hater.

    1. star

      I almost forgot: From now on, I refuse to take part in any comed related discussions, via this blog.

      HERE is the place to be, if you’ve got concerns or would like to bitch a bit

      1. vzzec

        Damnit this useless discussion enrages me enough to make me write this shit with 2 broken arms lol.
        Just ignore this guy star…he has obviously nothin better to do than spending his days with beeing a little flamekiddo. Usually i give guys like him a bullet into the stomach and watch them crying. Whatever i like the client and its features and see no disadvantages for a random player as everyone can download the client.
        As far as i know it brings only stuff which other games already have and which people would like to see in sauer as well. Ofc we could wait for the next release but somehow i get the opinion that that ill have a bullet in my head before this happens (is eiruhl still alive btw?). Conclusion: No one likes eternal, comed is great and i regret that i wrote this, let me grab some painkillers. cya


    my 2 cents:
    If you have noted that this feature gives an unfair advantage, why include it in the first place? The fact that you plan on changing it in the future does not do any good, as people can just continue to play with the client’s old version.

    ps: the link above where you want the discussion to take place doesn’t seem to work, and I don’t plan on signing up for yet another forum to write a comment like this.

    1. Acuerta

      1) link is fixed

      2) it’s still a nice feature, if you think too big names are unfair then keep the original size.

      3) the devs have put hundreds of hours of work into this. If you are too lazy to take 1 minute to create an account on a forum that is, on top of that, also useful in countless other situations, your concern is in all likelihood not very urgent.


        What kind of argument is 2)? Does the same apply to aimbots? “If you think an aimbot is unfair, then don’t use it”. It’s not about having an advantage over others, but being at a disadvantage if you don’t use the feature.

        btw. I don’t critizise the client itself, nor the developers. The damage is done now anyhow and everybody can move on.

      2. Acuerta

        Ok let me explain the argument in a coherent, easy to understand manner.

        This feature is debatable. Now the community people who still value fairplay and think it is unfair will of course not make use of it.
        That leaves players that don’t value fairplay. Do you think they still play with a completely unmodified vanilla version? Or have they already found dozens of ways to gain an unfair advantage over you and me?
        To say it in your own words, “the damage is done now anyhow.”

        That’s what I meant by “2) it’s still a nice feature, if you think too big names are unfair then keep the original size.”

        Have fun!

  5. star

    btw, if you are of the opinion that this client has nothing to do with the community, i agree, too less foos help us.

    why don’t you stop bitching and instead of ranting like a weazel, get off your high ross and help? too proud? too butthurt?

    show engagement instead of hating those who do

      1. star

        I talked to you about including your code, i’m still willing to work together with you.

        neither you, nor me can claim the idea of the the ammobar and hudscores, they are usual elements in other games. then again they were on the wishlist, long before you started to make your client. coincidence that you worked your ass off doin all stuff from the wishlist? maybe, i dont’ care. i just wish you’d be not such a dick and work together. but it seems that you hate, for what others name ‘just this one side of the community’. i call it the clan gaming part.
        last appeal, step over your shadow and contact me, you know how to find me. i’m sure we can sort out, what ever this between us is.

        I’m still engaged towards making it a community client, that’ll live up to his name.
        I don’t understand why everyone is claiming this work is directed towards destruction, when the real goal is so obvious. are you idiots?

        this was the last comment from my side.


    I’m not sure how making a player model like 2x higher can be not a cheat, but a great feature, bring smth new in sauer.

    As for hp bars, i don’t think that it is a bad feature for sauer, but only when everyone can use it.

    As for my client, it is not about hate, i just think that i can do it better alone, without caring any ballast. Also it is about that sauer development is stopped, otherwise i would try to get all these thinks in the default client (and would never used any mod). Or maybe in some sauer fork.

    As for features, there are none that give you some new information, that can _change_ gameplay in any way, like exposing enemies or making more easy teamplay. And i will never add such a feature, changes in gameplay are for mod, and those are forbidden on sauer servers, as far as i know.. And again i’m trying to give literally zero advantage over the default client.

    P.S. Do what you want, i don’t want to interfere, but then not be surprised when some people want to stay out of it or call you smth like trusted cheaters.

  7. oehtazn2


    What features are so doubtful in my client, that can be a real advantage?

    Making HP/AMMO bigger? Showing all ammo at once? Showing accuracy dmg(that is not accurate at all) in scoreboard? Players search? Or what else?

    The only feature i can name that can be smth like advantage is explosions removal (those are really annoying), but it was in psl anticheat as i know, and was in an sdos client too (and i just keep it). Also those can be remove in the default client via placing new textures in the config dir (this in general not a good thing at all).

    P.S. My goal was not to make a client for advantage, but more for aesthetic reasons and because sauer development is stopped.

    P.P.S Nice, now limiting comments and registrations

    1. vanqu1sh_

      You’re right about the explosions thing, the SWL client was the first client I saw that had the ability to toggle them on/off and people were using that (they had to) in leagues. I’m not really bothered about it for this reason. I’m using transparent explosions and I’m pretty sure the majority of people who play competitively in this game do as well.
      The only reason I’m using your client over comed’s is simply because I like the quake-style ammo bar at the side, it’s not for any sort of advantage. The clients are pretty similar if you compare them otherwise.

      I would say that /reducesparks and /multipoll give advantages too (even if i don’t use multipoll), but as I said in another post in another thread somewhere, I believe it’s useless to discuss what is an unfair advantage and what isn’t, since you can never know who’s using what anyway without making a client that seriously invades someone’s privacy. I simply asked why you believed integrating advantages into a client is wrong since the term is so subjective.

      You make some good points in your posts, but sometimes I do struggle to see in what way they’re constructive.

      //tired, sorry for post mistakes

  8. oehtazn2

    So again, i’ve just expressed my personal opinion, as some person that is not involve, that is it. I have no intention to harm or help you in any way.


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