Clan & Community Activity Around the Turn of the Year

The clan formerly known as Feed decided to change their name to wp.Wasted Potential.

IRC: #wp on

The rising Cubers, a clan with origins in Assault Cube, are slowly establishing in Sauer.

They have been recruiting known players such as TheHate, Acuerta, pyras and Deluxe lately.

IRC: #rc on

Also, the servers are back!

EM2 Open master – /connect 20000

EM3 Open master – /connect 30000
EM4 Open master – /connect 40000
EM5 Open master – /connect 50000
EM6 Open master – /connect 60000

As was promised, SauerCom is hosting Moments of Glory on a monthly basis.
Although we have barely entered January, we already have received tons of submissions for this month!
However, you can of course still send us your demos until January 26th!

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