Clan Activity 2021

Howdy everyone, this rather regular format hasn’t seen some updates in quite a while, so here we go with an update from 2020 and 2021.

We’ll start with sQ whom recruited rising star Master. Another new player to the competitive scene is Manu, who joined sQ shortly after. Josh has left the ranks as he retired from the competitive scene. Honzik1 spent a brief period in sQ as well before they decided to part ways again.

sQ is like that hot chick you’re making out with in high school. You know you like each other but it just takes a while before you make it official.


MyS has recruited no less than secrets, deemster, Raze, Xemi and Shinnok, aiming at restoring their glory in upcoming eCTF tournaments. This should be ensured as ulului, Jason, hadopi and Friteq have all returned from their slumber, asserting dominance over the competitive scene.

Didn’t felt comfortable during my last 2 months at w00p due to inactivity. I consider myself as a competitive player so I took the decision to seek a new clan where there’s people who have as much desire to win as I do. Thought joining MyS would make things more interesting on the clan scene.


For RB degrave defeated the Russian winter of inactivity, while saper has left the clan. Jawer rejoined from competitor MyS. RB also gained r4 and Khornettoh as new members.

Scuba and bioweapon have joined DM together with Super_Girl, who parted ways shortly after.

i joined DM because i heard they like insta ,which is my favorite mode


Eleisa and Fohlen have joined the ranks of sp4nk. Princess rejoined to reassure the community that sp4nks are not elitists but rather a bunch of n00bs.

Legendary ffa player ubik has joined the ranks of w00p after ySoSrs, ensuring a successful comeback of w00p with both lagout and tenshi (who recently came out of their hiding spaces).

When I returned to sauer my old clan noVI was inactive, so I decided to join another clan, one which was also a bit more into the competitive scene. There were multiple clans that had my interest but ultimately I decided on w00p based on their standing, the atmosphere they exhibited and the people in it.


!s] is joined by the ranks of Wollmilch and chocolayte. Super_girl applied as well.

I joined !s because I like this amazing team spirit


=DK= has two new applications running: Xadus and Gustavo (best of luck, la pasta basta!). =DK=‘s training clan rse| has come to an end, leading into the recruitment of Avior into their team. Also Neko joined them a while ago.

The monkeys (tBMC) gain three new members: Fixxxer and Zob.

A new clan in the Sauer scene is evolving called Team Rise Up (=TrS=) led by Hikaru. They currently span 6 members of which undoubtedly Belgian player Brecht.vB is the most famous. Check out their website if you’d like.

Last but not least .hpp is in a semi-inactivated state as founder Shinnok joined MyS. In the meantime marta and swosh are recruited to their ranks.

What a breeze! The clan scene is high in demand right now. As always if you have corrections and amendments, please let us know in the comments.

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