Clan Activity 2016 #2 + update


Because of all your comments, i decided to write an update. So this is basically a collection of all the comments from below:

  • A new clan has emerged: }TgC{ (website)
    Current Members Are: Mayro, Insano, AshFrag’em
  • Sweeper joined |RB| (no source, what did you expect?)
  • Swattlama joined va| (source)

It’s time again for some clan activity updates. A lot has happened since our last post, so if I missed someone/something, please notify me. Alright here we go:

Tamino left and applied at .rC| (source, source)
Fohlen rejoined (source)
The Dark Keepers appear to be the most popular destination in the past few months; check out their impressive list of recruits: Xylemxia, DooMie, Renard, Stockbrot, Teddy and NeverMind


eC. sadly closed its doors and
MysteryCube and Terence applied to .rC| (source)
Savi4k applied to !s] (source)


MysteryCube already got accepted!


ElPresitente left (source)


joined (source)


ezram18 joined (source)


Aiurz finally managed to join (source)


Finally, we welcome the va|clan to the community!
Formed by former cm| members, they are actively recruiting and from what I can judge, are not just a mapping clan!
members: rudi, nopnotme, infinity, spectre(ninny), deathstar, Fragdog, obi-juan, Akari, Zahariahome
Check out their forum at

And at last a short comment of mine: Recently there is talk about a merger of the more or less, dead clans w00p| and sp4nk| to form the w4nk|ers. I think this would be a bad move. You shouldn’t destroy the heriatage of two legends of this community, by throwing them into one pot. Why don’t you have the balls and form a new team, so the legends can rest in valhalla’s halls of honor? Discuss.


  1. Rexus

    I do not believe that merging the clans would be a destruction of the heritage of two legendary clans. (How does one destroy heritage anyways?) The history of each clan will still be remembered by the community for as long as it lives; and will not be re-written by a merge.

    Also personally I’m indifferent to the idea. :p

  2. hamon

    Huge list :D but not full:
    F1nal applied to =DK=
    i hope that some clans will come back… but for this they need more players… But if you only for Highskill then you cant get it…

      1. Mayro

        We have a site, it is currently and we currently do not have irc.

    1. star


  3. Arannoy

    I personaly agree with STar with comment about do not merge sp4nk and woop. But those clans do not have any leader that is strong enough to lead the clan and take some players from the game.

    Also, there is still one clan that stole 100000 members and made them died instead of rejecting them and rejected could join other clan (make them more active) or they could make new clan.


      1. Sweeper

        I agree, whats the use in having a clan with 20 members but no other clans. Btw, i got this great idea: Lets unite all teams to one big clan, i mean its all about creating some big illusionary family anyway right? Who needs competition or rivalry if we all can have some empty pseudo friendship? So lets do it! Found one clan with 50 members to play internal games 24/7!!

    1. Obstriegel

      “there is still one clan”
      Yes there !s

      “and made them died”
      Nobody died. I am not a serial killer. Swattllama is.

      “The only thing which needs to be regulated is obst’s unquenchable thirst for recruiting” – (Terminator)
      This is bullshit. People show interest in joining and if there is an app we have a reasonable voting system. I am not like vaQ’ who post their advertising message on every server.

      Taken from the game many members are not. Problem is yours when people choose !s over another clan.
      Anyway the old just hopping around the clans what should they do? As you say there is a lack of people willing to make clan and take time (good luck Mayro with Terifically Good Clan) and sadly a lot took the rope hanging on the ceiling suicide died. this is not only players but also clans like cS or eC now maybe spank and woop or even |ORK| and so on. when someone tell they leave clan because of no activity I usually tell go go go and not invite.

      Also look .rC 27 members 100000 inactive after joined one week (maybe rC serial killers?).
      In !s actually only one went “inactive” after joining playing another game. cs:go is the devil but sooner or later people try it because no time 2h waiting sauer no show. so activity goes up and down in !s.
      Go to our member list count active minus 4 then you see !s is not so big. I do it for you 11-4 = 7 and it is very rare everyone online. we played 30 minutes intern this year that’s it.

      look more about activity: we added 4 people last year + hades coming back. Bourbon in February. Origin in July, Terminator in September, hades and Zeus in October. these are also together with milch and I our only players who are there every week. So we added just the right amount to stay active.

      Let’s assume new clan we put some !s some rC some vaQ situation no fix because clans happy now when they get 3 together in evening which would not work anymore.

      I hope also you highskill get players more, you can get it. You are the only one doin it right with add of new players.

      Continue playing on venice/pastaland pls.

      See you!

      1. star

        wow, somebody struck a nerve! it’s not quite what the discussion was supposed to be about, but i think the whole ‘clan beef, twitter diss’ problematic will eventually come up in every discussion here.

        Anyway, for the part where we spam the applications, you know what it’s about so don’t even pretend that this would be a valid argument of yours.

      2. Deluxe

        Please find our official memberlist on our forum ( via public chat -> official list of members. I know that’s not really easy to find. Sorry.
        By reviewing these information you might come to new conclusions. Though i cant be sure about that since i couldnt understand all you wrote about my clan in the first comment, in terms of content and laguage.

      3. Jawer

        I also honestly didn’t understand lots of thing you said but I can say that rC by all means has never had “too many members” and right now we have re-reached a point where we have the right amount of active players to be able to call ourselves active again as a whole.
        That wasn’t the case for a longer time and I am thankful for the opportunity we got to get the remaining active players of cS last year(?) for some kind of a merge, that I can only encourage for sp4nk and w00p.
        I just don’t like the new name at all in terms of recognizability if thats a word. I don’t think any values from the past will be lost but instead new values are being added so that maybe more players find interest in following sauer history again and therefore become more active.

  4. va|DeathStar

    Hey Star!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to update this already. It’s awesome to have a place where we can read about clans in the game. You guys updated the links on for us! I was just hoping you could update this portion of the post as well,

    “Finally, we welcome the va|clan to the community!
    Formed by former cm| members, they are actively recruiting and from what I can judge, are not just a mapping clan!
    members: rudi, nopnotme, infinity, spectre(ninny), deathstar, Fragdog, obi-juan, Akari, Zahariahome
    Check out their forum at

    As it has the old website and outdated members.

    New list:

    Some new members:
    nopnotme, Death14, Infinity, Rudi, Spectre (Ninny), DeathStar, FragGoD, ZahariaHome, Mr.CSI:miami, Swatllama, CharlieShen, etc.

    Thank you again for all your time with the updates!


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