A Statement Regarding the Community

We unfortunately have a somber and unhappy announcement to make. In short, we have uncovered that raffael has been using a triggerbot to cheat in tournament play.

This is of course a very serious accusation for any player, let alone one with raffael’s profile as a winner of multiple tournaments over many years. It’s also a complicated one, because raffael is obviously an intelligent player with real, unaugmented talent.

As many of you are aware, traditionally triggerbots have been extremely difficult to detect, and there are several technical barriers that are part of Sauerbraten that have made it virtually impossible to be certain whether one is being used. However, as part of an investigation that went on over the course of more than a month, Redon discovered a completely new method for evaluating gameplay for triggerbot use, and developed several tools to automate the data extraction and analysis process. This new methodology allows for a precise, data-driven, high confidence determination of whether a player has been using a triggerbot over a period of time.

In other words, triggerbot accusations used to be a matter of suspicion, best guesses, and opinion. Now they are about fact, data and certainty.

More than 400 SauerDuels games, including nearly 70 participants and spanning 2 full years were analyzed using this new methodology. The evidence was overwhelming and lead to the clear, unassailable conclusion that raffael has been using a triggerbot.

Given that this is such a highly valuable technique, and indeed the first and only of its kind for Sauerbraten, we feel it is important to preserve it for future use protecting the community from cheating. Therefore we aren’t able to disclose any more details about how it works at this time.

We put together a team of some of the most experienced, trusted community members to verify the new methodology and evaluate the evidence against raffael. Many of us have run Sauerbraten tournaments before, so we are well aware of the importance and sensitivity of this issue. We, the undersigned, are putting the full weight of our reputations and over 80 years of combined Sauerbraten community membership behind the sad, but necessary statement that raffael has been using a triggerbot to cheat in tournament games.

mefisto, owner of Sauerworld, SDoS tourney creator, veteran of past cheating   investigations and member of tBMC

Redon, SL and SD referee, developer, and official representative of sQ

Acuerta, community veteran, raffael’s teammate, and leader of w00p

swatllama, creator and organizer of SSL, and prominent member of tBMC

Lokio, SD referee and official representative of DM

Frosty, founder of the SauerDuels league, founder of the 2016 SauerLeague, and SSL tourney admin

notas, community veteran, SWL tourney admin, longtime tourney consultant and leader of sp4nk

Origin, SL and SD admin and member of !s


    1. My Name

      It’s not that it’s open-source, it’s that it’s client-heavy by design, so not much you can do about it on the server, in real time.
      It should be the community that self-polices, which it does.
      So Redon put all those demos in some NoSQL and analyzed them using machine learning, nice :-)

  1. Sveark

    Always suspected him of using a triggerbot. A human being can’t always be so good at Sauerbraten without actively playing Sauerbraten or warming up before games. I believe, however, that this vile act against community isn’t a separate case, it actually is raffael’s answer to the fact that someone else is most likely cheating too and has not been caught yet.

    I’m glad to hear that the work on catching cheaters has been started and I would like to thank Redon and all the participants of this investigaion. I think that one of the possible future successes would be an ability to prove that someone uses a wallhack in FFA.

    1. Frosty

      That would be really difficult to prove, and most likely require subjective judgment from a spectator’s point of view using his or her own wallhack to see how the player moves in relation to the enemy.

    2. swatllama

      Ok, so while a wallhack would be much more useful in ffa than it is in probably any other mode, think about who the FFA players are. Then think about who was involved in this investigation. There’s a very big intersection.

    3. notas

      the two most successful FFA players in the SD era are Redon and myself (with lokio catching up to me fast and honzik also having some success). Redon led this investigation. I have streamed every single one of my matches. Honzik has played cube 1, and Lokio is just a nice guy, you know?

      If there are FFA wallhackers, they don’t seem to be making much of a dent

      1. tactics

        Honzik1 plays cube1 and no hacks? enlarged models, damage counters, unfair scripts…whole w00p is corrupted
        Lokio is nice so he no cheats?
        Redon led investigation = he clean? Redon made the super hax ffa client…
        You might be clean, but streaming does not mean you dont cheat.

      2. Honzik1

        Tactics, you can make your inky bigger too. By changing one value in inky cfg, but it does not change damage box. I was using it for 2 weeks before 5 years, since there was no advantage, I changed 110% inky back to 100%. When !s get pissed, Obst were crying it around like I still use it as big cheat. Damage counter is in every non-vanilla client, it is not hard to print your damage after every death in command line. Since I deleted my config before some months, I dont use it now and guess what, I play still same. Scripts are in every game including CS:GO, Quake, etc. CubeScript also allow me to zoom, so I dont need to use togglezoom command. CubeScript make playing easier and was invented to do so. If bright skin and any cubescript will be prohibited, I am okay with it, I always play by rules. And I played with ACC clients in past too and won many times. You won shit and you are just crying here like biggest loser noob in Sauer.

        I bet you are using vanilla client without bright skin and without any cubescipts in your config ahahahha

      3. Brecht

        having large model give you picking advantage, the same with player name size on comed which i have used before.


    I don’t believe, what is the motivation to start doing it in a game with 1.5players? And after playing it over 10 years when it was more alive.

  3. tactics

    I always tell this guy is not legit.
    w00ps are noobs anyways, just like tenshi was a noob insta title holder, lost to a newbie to a community.

  4. vis

    Newbie here, couple months exp. here in Cube 2, but years of exp with other, harder game for playing (projectile shots type of game/no hit scan bs and superior net code that is made for dial up users hehe, 400-500 ping is usable for high lvl of play): when i started i saw couple things, in net code, that made me to think that a lot people cheating, but later i find that shots are server side, so i had to apology to bunch people. Sorry again, if i insult some1, there is a lot skilled players, but not above human realm of course. I agree 100 % with sveark and only partial with tactics. Humans need warm up time, not to hit 80-90 % on end of first round play, no mater clan tag and talent range. (please, no saying “i played other game before joining on serv and i have 200 $ mouse” , not gonna work vs me) Next using skrips vs new guys, like i’m (infinitive saw spam, with simple key combo, incrased jump hieght bug and tons of things that i can’t see on demo: incrasing node/player size, wall picking on corners, sound hacks, info hack by client-server side, tnx to special ver of game clients…Please not say to me: “get better and is my fault to not using it!” cuz u just showing u can’t play fair/without advantages, then. Silly a bit, right?! Plus there are other side efects that people using for god given gift, (tnx to hit scan type game and shot streaming over server, input lag/faster reaction in relation with rate command and hit box false detection does happen often), where it showing superiority versus wifi and weeker net users! (U all saw when rigatony lags, right? then ping for some people rise by none or just 1 or 2 and for some people it jumps in 10+ multiplicator) So i honesty hoping that some smart heads can fix client and server parts, to make universal game files and share it in public, just like many pionir projects did happen already, but was half unfinished/ half cheaty, so we, all players, can have more equal terms for fair play. In regardless of other things, i’m happy to see that veterans doing good things, this community can stay alive and i will continue to be part of it, in good and bad times! Cheers, friends!

    1. notas

      just to respond to a couple things in that comment – i’ve never heard of ‘increased jump height bug’ in my life, if someone is jumping higher than normally possible that’s just actual hacking. Assuming you mean what i think about ‘wall picking on corners’ and ‘sound hacks,’ both of those things have been fixed in the next release of the game, whenever that comes out, so rest assured on those at least that there is hope :-)

  5. Shag

    I would very much like to see the results of the SECRET Triggerbot Detector on ALL the STARS that deemed themselves “worthy” of Judging and EXECUTING Raffael……. Please Post these results…. Ohhh by the way I will be happy to be NUMBER ONE in the list of people that get tested all be it I am not worthy to be counted in your number of “greatness”……. I think there may be a few that will shy away from the honesty factor…. Stand up and be COUNTED Sauer People!

    1. Acuerta

      You need to get tested by professionals of a different field, just not the ones that sit behind computer screens but those wearing white scrubs.

      1. Shag

        WHAT are you on about Swatty? ….. Who said anything about tBMC?……. Please restart your Meds.

  6. Shag

    Ohhh hello I can’t connect to Discord anymore……. Come on children you can f=do better than that surely???????

  7. Shag

    Absolutely PATHETIC…….. Grow some ads you bunch of idiot clowns!… Stand up and be counted…….. Beyond your lack of respect for … well actually anything!

  8. JumperJu8


    Well, It’s indeed sad, even tho I’m laughing hard while reading this, still thinking it’s all a joke till the end, but nope… Ironic, I spend like 3-4 yrs playing clean and practicing my skills, trying to make community see that I’m a clean player, so I’d be able to participate in tournaments, etc, but now it turns the guy who kicked me 1010101010 times and blamed me for cheating while I played clean all this time, was a cheater himself, that’s so fucking ironic tbh, this community still has something to hide from other’s eyes.. Anyway, it’s quite simple from my view, probably raffael wasn’t capable to keep needed level to beat top insta players such as Honzik, Rexus, Achille, even me if I would be accepted to play, not trying to be arrogant here, just some of my thoughts. So what if it’s not only raffael?) I have few people that I’m sure also using triggerbot or some sort of hax that helps to aim, and probably I’m correct about them, that’s sad. I only hope that honzik didn’t cheat against me during our endless duels ))

    p.s. why don’t you make a fucking good anticheat like I told everyone to do so like 2 years ago, 50% of community has programming skills, come on, it would take not much time and would solve so many problems in the future, more ironic is that ex-cheater is the person who encouraged a lot of people to implement the idea of anticheat in all events, but no one take me seriously obviously)) gonna play this shitgame again a little bit, interesting shit going on here :P


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