Our Programmes

This is a list of our current undertakings, enriched with short explanations and background information.


The Moments of Glory are a series of (usually) monthly frag movies that we produce from your submissions! Once the video is ready you can enjoy it on youtube and then vote for your favourite scene in our forum. What makes the videos so outstanding is that we have alternating sets of video makers, each treating your submissions with their unique approach and giving the videos their distinct flavour!

Links: The videos – how/where to submit


Our Interviews  are conducted at irregular intervals, but that’s the nature of it – whenever we think someone has an interesting and/or topical story to tell we call on them to deliver their story to you! If you think you have something to share with us, don’t hesitate contacting us!

Links: Past interviews


The Clan & Community News keep you up to date on the latest developments in the community and the clan scene!

Links: Clan & Community News category


Map Discovery is a new series focused solely on mapping. In it, we will try to introduce some new high quality maps for you to play on from all across Sauer, along with some detailed ratings on different aspects of the map and why we think you would enjoy them! We will also be focusing on an occasional release map from the current release, which we believe to be underrated and maybe even undiscovered by some infrequent players. On top of that, we’re going to get more mappers involved, be it through interviews, contributions to the Map Discovery, or via other formats that are yet to be puzzled out!.  The overall goal here is to shed some light on the mapping side of Sauer, and attempt to bring both editors and fraggers together to create and enjoy great new maps.

Links: Map Discovery


The Tuesday Q&A is a weekly series in which you readers can interact with us and share your opinions on all kinds of topics with the other readers. Usually held in a relaxed and humorous manner, the Q&A‘s air every Tuesday evening. If you want to participate, simply make yourself at home in #sauercom. We normally publish the questions there every Sunday/Monday evening!

Links: Q&A category


League Coverage focuses on the competitive scene of Sauer and brings you the latest news of this field.

Links: Tournament News category


Have something troubling on your mind? Need some expert advice that only a video game superhero can answer? Look no further and ask Captain Cannon! In our Dear Captain Cannon series, the captain himself takes time out of his busy crime fighting schedule to answer your questions to the best of his ability, however big or small they might be. Don’t be shy and give it a try!

Links: Captain Cannon categorySubmission form


Whether you are a seasoned pro or simply a beginner, our monthly SauerQuiz should prove to be a challenge for all! With questions varying from your knowledge of the game, maps, the community and more, this quiz is aimed to encourage players to intensively search though all aspects of the game with the hope of learning something new. Think you have what it takes to become a Sauer Genuis? We dare you to try.

Links: SauerQuiz category