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Maps / Ruebli - A medium-large symmetrical CTF map
« Last post by Zoocata on July 15, 2018, 04:03:57 am »
Ruebli is a Mediterranean-themed, medium-large symmetrical map supporting CTF and regen modes. It also has a lot of carrots.

The map has only 168k wtr, pretty reasonable considering the size. The lightmaps are what take up most of the filesize.

Sauerworld has been really buggy and won't let me upload anything, so I'm using a mirror. (Google Drive)



Other / Re: 2-4-6-8 Law: Efficient, Decent, Terrain Guide by Ardelico
« Last post by Salatiel on July 10, 2018, 08:48:14 pm »
rip images
General Chat / Re: What is the mouse you are using and it's settings?
« Last post by Suicizer on July 08, 2018, 12:00:43 pm »
1. Roccat Kone Plus
2. 4800dpi
3. 3,0 sensitivity
4. ~4cm/360 (I only have a mousepad for about 20cm)
5. fov 110
1680x1050 screen
How the hell can you play with >25cm/360?
Mods / Re: AK47 Hudgun + Ironsight Animations
« Last post by Salatiel on July 03, 2018, 11:21:44 pm »
Mods / Re: AK47 Hudgun + Ironsight Animations
« Last post by Doko on July 02, 2018, 09:07:37 pm »
Awesome  :o
General Chat / Re: What is the mouse you are using and it's settings?
« Last post by Timakrov_Gunn on June 28, 2018, 03:41:16 am »
1. Onn Optical Mouse (Generic shit)
2. Good question! I still can't determine it!
3. 6.7 sens with 0.0 mouseaccel
4. Approximately 6 cm / 360
5. It's no gaming mouse, that's for sure. Still, it didn't provide bad results.

With additional (probably useless) information included!
6. /fov 100
7. /aspect 1.6
8. 1280 x 1024 screen
Videos / Re: Give swatllama Your Fragmovie Clips!
« Last post by nyamms on June 25, 2018, 07:54:04 pm »
I've got a few to contribute. I'll try to follow your format as best I can but some of these have multiple noteworthy moments imo.

[1] sauerduels tourney #8, ffa metl4 vs Honzik1 (group stage)
  • 8:50 rocket + rifle combo before quad
  • 6:20 nade trap to kill chasing honzik with full YA
  • 5:50 cool nade in air + mg kill after surviving the previous fight with 2 hp
  • 3:40 - 3:25 i think this part is kinda fun, i managed to kill honzik having YA and mg with nothing but nades and sg by playing around corners
[2] some duel, ffa corruption vs Lokio
  • 5:15 i heard lokio go through the teleport and suspected he was gonna try attacking me from the platform above, so i went for the rockets to shoot one up and it turned out to be a perfect prediction
  • 0:55 lokio used an awesome nade to bring me to 1 hp just before YA pickup through the grate from below, and then finished the job after i got the YA
[3] some duel, ffa nmp8 vs Lokio
  • 7:05 Lokio kills me before HB pickup, so I shoot my spawn nade at the teledest...
[4] some other duel, ffa nmp8 vs Lokio
  • 6:20 masterful nade trap after picking up YA, I'll just pretend that was intentional (:
[5] mix 4v4, ectf dust2
  • 2:10 shotgun ambush on a heavily protected flag

Maybe more later.
Videos / Give swatllama Your Fragmovie Clips!
« Last post by swatllama on June 25, 2018, 06:37:22 am »
Because I'm a useless drain on society with no job, wife, friends, purpose, etc, I should be less useless by doing what I do very badly: Making frag videos.

But I don't play enough anymore to make the videos all about me, so I'd like other people's clips. I accept all donations, but I'm most interested in:
  • FFA, capture, CTF clips
  • Tournament clips get bonus points
  • Clanwar clips, especially ones involving the whole team
  • Smart plays. Please detail what happened in your submission, because they can be hard to follow sometimes. This will help me edit together multiple angles if need be
  • Killsprees
  • Pop rockets, launching someone in the air
  • Air rockets
  • Rocket / rifle combos
  • Strong, fast, MG, MG/Rifle combos, MG/rocket combos, MG/shotgun combos. Especially kills made mostly in the air, like on dropdowns, or the jumppads on turbine, academy, or legazzo
  • Any cool grenade kills
  • Grenade teletraps
  • Cool flagruns
  • Insta pixel shots!
  • Wallbang kills through floors, like what's possible on redemption and tumwalk
  • Quad/HB fights
  • Chainsaw anything
  • Anything I missed that still looks cool!

I have an idea of the music selection that will be used, but feel free to suggest any music for usage as well! I'd probably prefer something in the same vein as in the embedded videos: Hard rock / post hardcore / various forms of metal. No rap or edm, I have to listen to the song used hundreds of times during editing, so it has to be something I won't hate too much after that.

I'm not super interested in fear getting a 41 fragspree on a guy who's played the game 2 hours. Please give me demos! And money, because I have to buy food! And a job, give me one of those! I don't require medical insurance.

How to submit
Submit a demo file formatted like this: playername_timestep, ie swatllama_613.dmo -> watch swatllama at 6:13. Feel free to include a comment in your post describing it.
General Chat / Re: What is the mouse you are using and it's settings?
« Last post by nyamms on June 24, 2018, 11:03:22 am »
1. Zowie FK1
2. 800 dpi
3. 1.0 sens (useless info)
4. ~35 cm / 360
5. I like.
General Chat / Re: What is the mouse you are using and it's settings?
« Last post by greenadiss on June 24, 2018, 05:47:44 am »
1. Mouse: Mionix Avior 7000
2. DPI: 800
3. In-game sens: 1.7
4. Distance: 25cm for 360
5. Mousepad: Kingston HyperX FURY S (XL)
6. fov: 108 (in DIscord people also wonder about it. since it also changes your perspective, it's important to know this setting)

I used to have Steelseries Sensei for almost 5 years which I liked a lot even though people said it wasnt good since it was laser. The sensor was pretty responsive, the shape was comfortable. The Mionix, on the other hand, has kinda a good sensor, the shape is also good but sometimes I press the right side buttons accidentally. I've read about it but having them was an important criterion for me (I use page up/down a lot besides gaming).
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