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Maps / Unworld II - Duel Map
« Last post by 7Year on October 14, 2018, 02:20:46 pm »

Very simple FFA and Duel map, sequel to Unworld, with layout really inspired by Oddworld. Needless to say, I made it all from scratch, not based on actual 'oddworld' map. All major and minor FFA items present, lights are calculated on precision 16 and error 4, and PVS are generated. Have fun, and tell me if something can/should be fixed, I'll update this once in a while.


Cheers, 7Year ;)
Videos / How to install Cube 2: Sauerbraten WC-NG Black Edition on Windows 10
« Last post by arCABAL on October 04, 2018, 10:21:50 pm »
Videos / How to install Cube 2: Sauerbraten WC-NG Black Edition on Ubuntu 18.04
« Last post by arCABAL on October 04, 2018, 10:21:19 pm »
Off-Topic / Re: Funny everyday sauerbraten. (photoshops, memes, etc)
« Last post by Doko on October 04, 2018, 09:38:42 pm »
Mods / IronSnoutX10K Hudguns 2.0
« Last post by Master on October 04, 2018, 12:41:07 am »
Yo Forum!
So this is basically the 2nd version of my hudguns gui/menu for the ironsnout. How it works is you open the menu click on the color/skin that you like or that sounds cool and you are done. No need to restart or anything.
This version is way more efficient compared to the old one:
-from 25,8MB to 14,3MB
-from 8 colors/skin to 24


Download links:

This only affects the team skins

Installation should be pretty straight forward, just put both files into your Sauer directory and type "exec master_hgs.cfg" into your autoexec.cfg
EDIT: to actually use it type /showgui "master_hgs" ingame and ur done
Maps / Re: Ruebli - A medium-large symmetrical CTF map
« Last post by Zoocata on September 26, 2018, 10:11:38 pm »
Update bump.
Maps / anubis - small deathmatch map for FFA duel
« Last post by Redon on September 26, 2018, 12:58:47 am »

by Redon (26 September 2018)

This is a small deathmatch map intended for FFA duels. Work on this map began when one day on a random coop-edit server, I was joking about how it seemed no one had ever tried stuffing a map inside a pyramid, even though I'm sure every mapper has built a pyramid at some point. Someone replied that it was a dumb idea, so I went ahead and did it. The original aim was for the layout to play a bit like Fatum's tumwalk. In some ways, this is still visible in the final map. At first, I made fast progress, but soon after, the map began collecting dust in a "mostly-finished-but-not-quite-yet" state for many years. After finishing fusion together with shuzo recently, I decided to work on this map for a few more days and get it ready for upload.

This map requires the full version of SimonOC's Egyptian texture pack (aka "egypt_soc"), which was repackaged for Sauerbraten and uploaded to Quadropolis by RaZgRiZ. The latest version of the texture pack is included in the main download. However, I have provided an alternative download link without the texture pack if you already have it and do not wish to download it again.

The yellow armor is on a raised platform near the ground floor.

A hole in the ceiling allows players to drop down onto it from the room above.

The healthboost is located on the highest platform, accessible via a path that spirals up along the top section, or via the big jumppad below.

On the ground floor of the pyramid, the quaddamage spawns on a sarcophagus located between two rows of pillars. It is accessible from all sides (similar to tumwalk's healthboost), which means you need a good plan and the right timing to obtain it without taking too much damage.

The green armor is found in a location with more cover, but you'll still need to watch out for rifles and rockets.

There are three riflerounds and grenades, and two of each of every other ammo type, which is a bit more sparse than comparable maps. On the other hand, there are six health pickups, so managing your health correctly will provide a big advantage.

My main concerns that I would appreciate feedback on are:

  • Clipping errors and anything else related to mapping that I may have forgotten about.
  • The ceiling above the yellow armor is thin enough for rocket splash damage to pass through, which might make the room above less useful than I had intended it to be.
  • There is no easy way to the top floor from the side with the two-way teleport and GA.
  • The top floor is not only hard to access, but also doesn't offer many items, which might make it rather weak in general.

That being said, of course any comments or feedback are welcome. (14.5 MB)
Includes the egypt_soc texture pack. You probably need this version. (2.5 MB)
Texture pack not included. Use this only if you're sure you already have the full egypt_soc texture pack installed!
Off-Topic / Re: Tesseract from a sauerbraten perspective
« Last post by Zoocata on September 24, 2018, 11:57:36 pm »
Nice guide, could maybe up the player-base a little bit. Unfortuntaely, Tesseract is an amazing concept ruined by boring mechanics, shitty execution, and horrible optimization.

If you thought Sauerbraten's mechanics and movement was lacking, just wait until you're twice as big, twice as slow, and only have 2 weapons.

Unless you're interested in map-making, don't bother downloading it. If you are interested in map-making, stick to editing in Sauerbraten where the maps you make could actually be useful.
Maps / Temple of Zarah - Deathmatch Map
« Last post by 7Year on September 19, 2018, 12:13:44 am »
In short, deathmatch map for 4-8 players, for Effic, Insta & FFA...

SG = 26; CG = 16; RI = 14; RL = 4; GL = 4; PI = 1;
Spawns = 26; Health = 26; All 4 major items present, 1 of each (QD, HB, YA, GA);

For people who like to read, map has 200k WTR & 318k WVT, which is a lot for deathmatch map, but I've generated PVS (3000 cells), and map runs smoothly, even on my crappy laptop. For comparation, Stahlplatten (spcr) has same amount of WTR, and it's only little laggier (on my system & options). Map has various details, more complex geometry and it can be used "Geometry Prefab" for newer mappers. Aesthetic was first in my mind for this map, and WTR paid the price, but map is playable. ;)

If any1 wants to convert this map to CTF, Duel or any other gamemode, he can do it (if other gamemodes fit this layout)... No need to credit me or that stuff, I don't care... :)

Alt-Download [Google]:

Have fun, 7Year ;3
Off-Topic / Tesseract from a sauerbraten perspective
« Last post by arCABAL on September 18, 2018, 08:40:34 pm »
Gerwin asked me to come and play tesseract so I decided to dig into it a little deeper this time and do a little guide on how to set things up for others, especially those used to sauerbraten.

As I see it, there are two distinct versions of tesseract right now: The initial release version from 2014, and the latest SVN development version. If you simply press the big download button (windows, linux, or mac) on, you will download the initial 2014 version. This version has the binary executable program included so you can run it right away. No need to compile or install anything, but it is an older version of the game which is incompatible with the SVN development version.

The last time I played tesseract, there were only two servers. These used the newer protocol from the latest version (last update is from somewhere in 2018)
These servers only showed up if you used the lastest version of the game client, or maybe they showed greyed out as "newer protocol" in the server list. Either way, I could not enter them because of the protocol mismatch.

To get this latest development version, the easiest way I found is to download the latest from the nightly SVN Builds link
This zip does include the 32 and 64 bit .exe binaries for windows but for linux (and I think also mac?) these are missing and need to be compiled still. I don't know how compiling on mac and windows works, but here is how to do it on linux:

First you need to install the required dependencies. In bin_unix/readme.txt is a list of needed software libraries. For convenience, I made a list of the corresponding names for all the APT packages which you can use on debian/ubuntu based systems.

Code: [Select]
sudo apt install libgl1-mesa-dev libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libpng-dev libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev

On other distros that don't use apt, these packages might have different names. Try tab autocompletion or google to find the right packages for your distro.

When you have those installed, go into the main directory and run:

Code: [Select]
make -C src install
After it finished compiling, in the bin_unix folder will be the executable ELF files tess_server, and tess_client.

You can then run the tesseract_unix script in the main directory to start the game client.

Code: [Select]

you probably want to create a .desktop file for this launch script, so that tesseract shows up in your applications menu

assuming you extracted tesseract-nightly to your home directory, you can use this .desktop file

Code: [Select]
[Desktop Entry]                                                                 

On linux, tesseract creates a .tesseract folder in the home directory, similar to the .sauerbraten folder.
If it works the same as for sauerbraten, this folder on mac and windows will probably be at:

On Windows 7 and 10 this is C:\Users\%username%\Documents\My Games\Tesseract
On an Apple Mac it is most likely macHD/users/%username%/library/Application Support/tesseract/

I now have these two separate incompatible versions installed. The SVN version has more content and more maps so that one is the preferable one to play but I also keep the 2014 initial edition because a lot of newcomers are simply downloading that version from the website and don't yet understand how to get the SVN version.

As the game is still pretty barebones, it only has a few maps and textures.
There are a lot more maps on the forum, but for convenience, I created a zip will a bunch of custom maps I got from Daemes, Ard, and Doko.
extract and merge it with ~/.tesseract/media

SVN Download
Before I found the nightly builds link, I tried downloading from the SVN. I'll keep this here for reference, but you don't need to do this if you just want to download and play the game.
I did however use this way to download and then compile the game on my vps, which now also hosts a tesseract server.

To download the svn repository. You can either download a zip from the webSVN and extract that
or use an SVN client to download the SVN respository. When I tried downloading the full zip from the webSVN page it timed out a few times so I used these bash commands to download it instead:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt install subversion
mkdir tesseractsvn
cd tesseractsvn
svn checkout svn://

The downloaded directory will not include any binary executables

Scripts and Binds
You have to create your autoexec.cfg in the config folder. I also put my other scripts in there. If you do it like that, you have to specify that folder in the exec lines in the autoexec like this:
Code: [Select]
exec config/binds.cfg

Everything in tesseract is just a little different than in sauerbraten. You can press F10 ingame to see the default binds. I couldn't get used to those so instead I made custom binds so that editing feels familiar like in sauerbraten.

The universaldelta function has a different name but works the same, /coop became /edit, and some bindable keys and the mouse buttons have different names that you have to use in bind commands.

Here are my binds, I included the script to hold tilde and scroll the mouse to change the floatspeed.
Code: [Select]

// binds.cfg by arCABAL
// tesseract binds to mimic sauerbraten behavior

/// change floatspeed by holding tilde key and scrolling mosue
floatspeedlist = [1 5 10 20 50 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000 10000]  //variable list length. values to scroll through can be added or removed
editbind "backquote" [ums_setmodifier chfloatspeed] // backquote is tilde key under escape.
bind "backquote" [ums_setmodifier chfloatspeed]
floatspeedlist_i = 6  // default floatspeed = 250
ums_delta_edit_chfloatspeed = [
    floatspeedlist_i = (min (max (+ $arg1 $floatspeedlist_i) 0) (- (listlen $floatspeedlist) 1))
    floatspeed (at $floatspeedlist $floatspeedlist_i)
    echo (concatword "floatspeed = " $floatspeed)
ums_delta_game_chfloatspeed = $ums_delta_edit_chfloatspeed       // makes it also work in spectatormode

editbind 0 [allfaces (= $allfaces 0); if (= $allfaces 0) [echo allfaces OFF] [echo allfaces ON]]
editbind lshift [toggleeditmovecut]

bind L [fullscreen (- 1 $fullscreen) ]
editbind J [gotosel]
editbind Z [undo]
bind O [if (= $spec 1)[spectator 0 ; spec = 0][spectator 1 ; spec = 1]]

editbind 5 [entediting (= $entediting 0); if (= $entediting 0) [echo entediting OFF] [echo entediting ON] ]     // enable/disable entity editing
editbind 6 [entselsnap (= $entselsnap 0); if (= $entselsnap 0) [echo entselsnap OFF] [echo entselsnap ON] ]
editbind 7 [outline (= $outline 0); if (= $outline 0) [echo outline OFF] [echo outline ON]]
editbind 8 [wireframe (= $wireframe 0); if (= $wireframe 0) [echo wireframe OFF] [echo wireframe ON]]           // default bind: entity editing
bind 9 [ thirdperson (? (> $thirdperson 1) 0 (+ $thirdperson 1) ); thirdpersonside 0]

editbind period [selentedit]

bind "KP_PLUS" [conskip -5]
bind "KP_MINUS" [conskip 5]
bind "KP_ENTER" [conskip -1000]

// tap and hold to show scoreboard, double tap to keep open, tap again to hide.
bind tab [
    sleep 300 [
        showscoresdoubleclick = 0
    if $showscoresdoubleclick [
        toggleui scoreboard
    ]   [
        holdui scoreboard
        showscoresdoubleclick = 1


// make left shift to move stuff inside a selection behave the same as in sauerbraten
movecopy = 1  // initialise control variable
shiftmove = [moving 1; if (= $movecopy 1) [copy; entcopy; delcube; delent] []; movecopy = 0; onrelease [movecopy = 1; moving 0; paste; entpaste ]]
bind lshift [shiftmove]

I also tried some of my old sauerbraten scripts in tesseract.
My vcolor gradient script worked without any modification. The text generation script uses the pastebrush function which is called pasteprefab in tesseract. That was all that had to be changed for it to work.
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