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Venice Invaded / Mod on Venice

Venice Invaded / Mod on Venice
« on: August 20, 2020, 11:43:06 AM »
Hi Folks!

Based on the famous Venice map, we wanted with this mod to try to create a map with graphics reminiscent of an environment "cartoon" where we find the universe of CAI with elements borrowed from the different tunes, a space dedicated to Cham who realizes all our artworks. It's a first try but that doesn't seem too bad to me.

If you want to play it, the mod available for Windows ( ) and Linux ( ) can be downloaded from our site with installation instructions. 

Basically the install/uninstall cmd files backup and copy files at the correct place but if like me you run a "non standard" version of the game, it is recommended to do a backup of the data directory containing the original config files before to execute the installation. 

To make it we created new textures for the map and also for our "Kiss tribute" Captain Canon and Mr Fixit. 

Finally, the music played in the mod is a new tune of the band titled "Classic Alien Invasion" recorded for that purpose.

A server is open almost every day at 8 pm CET for an instagib team game on that map, you are warmly welcome.

If you want know more about the band, feel free to visit our website: 

Have fun!