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Using AI to manipulate Sauerbraten screenshots


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Using AI to manipulate Sauerbraten screenshots
« on: May 06, 2022, 02:51:01 AM »
In 2021 OpenAI published DALL-E, a neural network capable of manipulating and generating images from text prompts (, it is still only available through a waitlist, but since then our dear open source people have come up with alternatives that we can use for free, and what do you do when you get your hands on one of these tools? you find a way to put Sauer in it of course :P
below I'll leave some experiments I did modifying Sauer screenshots using only text:

An even more futuristic Xenon base

There are other variables you can apply in addition to the text prompt, so some results may look weirder.
Here is a landed spaceship:

Venezified venice

if the canals became paved roads:

Turbined turbine

Snow and rain in urban_c

Modern architecture in urban_c

Rainy alley in kopenhagen

Police car in ghetto

You can also use the result as input multiple times and get something that is more distinct from the original image, here's a screenshot of a race map made by TristamK shaped like a subway with people walking in it:

Some more random tests:
Bedroom in CpHills (Cooper)

Cooper's motorcycle

Synderf's tank

Galaxy's restaurant kitchen

Razgriz's triforts

If you want to try it on your own without a super computer, there are some "Image Generation Models" available on Google Colab and Kaggle, some require you to have a pro account on these platforms, others like the one I'm using (Lite's Latent Diffusion v9) just need a verified phone number.

Bonus mm-auggiecat.jpg
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