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Comparison of settings: eye candy vs. minimal distraction, maximum information


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I made those from a demo I had lying around: recorded demo in both settings, then encoded to .gif, then uploaded to

Eye candy: (10M)

"Efficient": (3M)

Note how you can't see the blue player jumping around in the middle of the map (shortly before the first shots) in the first clip. When you look at the second, he's visible due to the bright player model through the gap on the left of the screen.

By the way: Those are from the same demo as the comparison pictures on, where you can also learn about how to configure your Sauerbraten for better gameplay in general, not only in terms of reduced GFX.
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Everyone should be aware that these settings exist. It's quite common in other games to customize the environment towards maximum visibility. This raises more map awareness and brings up the cometitive side of the game. Players aren't distracted form useless HD graphics and can concentrated on the main task, having fun while playing a game. Afterall football, is not better, because you play it in a great stadium. Wanna enjoy graphics? -> Go play single player.


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Even though my machine only gets me ~60 FPS max, I didn't lowered my shaderdetails n stuff. Imho it's just missing somewhat the feel of the game...