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IMPORTANT! How/What to submit


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IMPORTANT! How/What to submit
« on: September 07, 2014, 05:06:46 PM »
SauerCom Moments of Glory (MoG)

We're offering you to submit demos with entertaining scenes.
We will review all of your footage and then vote the "Moment of Glory" and create a little movie clip from it!

What we mean by "entertaining scenes":
  • Frags
  • Flagruns
  • Tactically interesting moves
  • Generally funny scenes
  • Scenes from duels/mix/clanwars have better chances!

How to record / get demos:
  • record client-side demos with e.g. WahnClient
  • get demos on the server ( /listdemos & /getdemo # )
  • fetch PSL1-4 demos here

How to submit demos:
  • attach the demo to your post (do NOT upload it to external hosters like zippyshare or mega!)
  • post your submission in the latest MoG topic, don't forget to attach your demo (or give the link) & timestamp (press TAB and check for time left)
  • give the demo file a reasonable name, use the format name.[alias.], where name is the name people know you in the community as and alias is the name you played with in the demo so we know what player to look at! → e.g. greenadiss.035.forge.dmo or star.django.745.reissen.dmo
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