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Yves Allaire's eX Texture Pack


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Yves Allaire's eX Texture Pack
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:27:30 PM »

eX Texture Pack
by Yves Allaire
(Repackaged by Redon)

This download contains Yves Allaire's "eX" texture pack as included in the Sauerbraten SVN repository.
See packages/textures/yves_allaire/ex/license.txt for licensing information.

This pack was created as a replacement for the eX Texturepack uploaded by Suicizer at Quadropolis.

Because the pack uploaded by Suicizer loads textures in a different order and omits certain textures,
the file ex-package-compatibility.cfg is provided as a convenience for mappers wishing to update older maps.
If you need help migrating your map, contact me via the Sauerworld forums or Discord server. (20.9 MB)
Download via Google Drive
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