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Advanced Mapping Guide Oriented on Gameplay


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Advanced Mapping Guide Oriented on Gameplay
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:47:19 PM »
Advanced Mapping Guide Oriented on Gameplay

In this guide, the advanced mapping techniques for a gameplay oriented map will be described. This guide is suitable for the more experienced mapper.
If you've managed to read the Basic Mapping Guide and try to start on this one, then I congratulate you even more in doing so. That shows off you actually have a true dedication to invest in your mapping experience.

I'm expecting you've finished your map roughly (like the result after the Basic Mapping Guide) and are in the need to get your map present an even sweeter game experience by looks and plays. So I will minimize repeating things already mentioned in the other guide.

As the previous guide had a map oriented on Deathmatch as example; this guide will expand that particular map and add the elements which are required for Capture in it.

Spicing up the gameplay

Item placement
The next techniques will be described to get a more interesting gameplay than with pickups which are randomly scattered on the map;
  • Timed placement
    A simple technique to provide the ammunition for the weapon which you think it should be used on that particular area. Riflerounds and bullets should spawn at an open place, rockets on higher ground (het most often also open), shells and grenades in closed areas.
    The advantage of this technique is that players have the weapon at the right moment for use.
    The disadvantage is that the moment before the player is at that area; he isn't having the weapon to counter attack the opponent (which might have the right weapon instead).
  • Planned placement
    This technique rather relies on the walking trail of the players. Let shells or grenades spawn near the closed place, while riflerounds spawn inside that closed area.
    The advantage of this technique is that the player has the right weapon before they actually turn into that nasty situation.
    The disadvantage is that you should be more critical when placing the ammunition as players can also take a different route than intended.

The Quaddamage and Healthboost are items which are so powerful that they should be placed under certain conditions. Some of those are;
  • Exposed for opponent's fire with a high risk of death (like on top of a hill in an open area with quite some ammo and playerstarts around it).
  • A route which requires some decent skill (like a hard trickjump).
  • A trail which takes precious time to obtain so (like on a big pile of boxes).

The Quaddamage shouldn't be easy to catch at all times. The Healthboost should be a lot easier to obtain, as it often is considered only a bit more valuable than the Yellow Armour. That's why the Yellow Armour often could be placed under such conditions as well (especially in Deathmatch).

Although powerups on maps meant for Capture are often discouraged; they can actually be very useful to get the sides turned (as players spawn with 100 armour and some ammunition for better weapons than the pistol; they have a good chance to grab the Quad and encounter an attack to a base of the winning opponent).

There are quite some maps which taunt the player being unable to obtain a powerup or a certain item, I advise not to do so, but rather call it up as a mapmodel instead (put mmodel "packages/models/quad" into your map's configuration-file). The reason for this is that there won't be an announcement which tells players a Quad or Healthboost available will soon be available to pick (which is not).

Deepening the flow

Speeding up
An open layout often generates a faster gameplay than a closed layout, mainly due to the overview each player has on the whole map. This is most times considered desirable as that also generates more kills for each player (and doesn't result in hide and seek). Try to get the layout as open as possible, yet close enough to let players reach for cover and deception if necassery.

More gamemodes
As your map should be easy to navigate trough now, this should be the time to think if another mode is also an option.
There are plenty examples of maps which start(ed) as deathmatch map, but turned out as a map for hold, capture of even capture the flag also. But always keep in mind; you've started with a map for a certain gamemode, so keep that as it's primairy goal.

Adding more details


All information provided within this guide may be used as a base to create other guides, articles or as reference within comments, replies or any other conversations, as long as the original author is credited. Anything within the article or this license should not be edited without permission of the author. Original author: Suicizer. Created at 2015-06-22 16:48:44.
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