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Vamos in Cube 2


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Vamos in Cube 2
« on: December 04, 2021, 02:55:13 PM »
I realise this is a massive long shot, but I'd love to get the Vamos car sim engine integrated into Cube 2.

I'd be willing to pay, and take quotes.

Vamos homepage:

It's seems very dated, though it's been worked on as recently as 2019, if you browse the git repo.

It's a car/driving sim, with detailed physics, yet a very light, nicely-written codebase.

It can be compiled just as a library, without it's "game" or rendering engine parts.

It uses an XML based schema to define cars and all their attributes.

I'd like to integrate the Vamos C++ driving physics library into Cube 2 (Tesseract or Red Eclipse, don't mind).

The work would involve:


- creating a rigged car model, for use in Blender, to be used to create more cars
  - the car should have opening/closing doors, and a decent (usable) interior
- the model and rigging should match *most* of the controllable aspects that Vamos vehicles provide
- an improved FPS character that includes some extra anims (get in/out of car, sit & drive)

Code changes:
- integrating the Vamos C++ library into Cube 2 engine, including car collisions with other Cube 2 world objects
- should work for multiplayer and (ideally) single player
- creating terrain settings for maps, such as "road" (tarmac and dirt types), and "offroad" (grass, dirt, slows you down)

Level editor:
- add a new "cars" page to the level editor menus
- add a car to a level just like any other 3d model
- define which floor surfaces are road/not road (to say which surfaces are grippy & fast, slippy & slow, etc)

- add get in/out of car animations for player models
- switch between FPS & driving controls whenever character gets in/out of car (driving seat)
- if character gets in driving seat, weapong goes away, they grab the wheel, must drive
- NICE TO HAVE: player can get in passenger seat, as well as driving seat
- NICE TO HAVE: can have 2 players in a car at the same time
- NICE TO HAVE: if character gets in passenger seat, they keep their gun out, can shoot out the windows

- first and third person driving views (inside car, just in front of car, and behind car)
- switch between driving and FPS cameras as player gets in/out of car

Other players:
- can be run over

- would be nice if they could get in/out of cars, and drive them, but totally out of scope I guess..

The end goal, in very general terms, would be a car you can get into, retaining either 1st or 3rd person view, depending on what you were using when you got in, and drive around, with "on" and "off" road terrains affecting performance, with reasonable physics (like Vdrift, Torcs, or some generic GTA/"Bullet physics" style car), able to crash into other players and walls.

...Obviously this is not a trivial piece of work at all, so experienced game devs only need apply, and yes, we'd pay proper rates, so don't be shy to make us a proper quote.

And yes I do understand the new engine would be released under the Zlib licence. I would make all Blender/car assets GPL.

If you know of a better place to post this, or any good, affordable games companies who would nail this, let me know..

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Re: Vamos in Cube 2
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2021, 02:00:13 PM »
I'm very interested in seeing how this would pan out, look at "Marble Arena 2" if you haven't already. It uses the cube engine and features different friction surfaces like you mention.


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Re: Vamos in Cube 2
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2021, 02:55:36 PM »