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Lost World: An FFA duel map unlike any other


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Lost World: An FFA duel map unlike any other
« on: September 20, 2020, 01:56:48 AM »

We bring to you lost_world, another Quake remake. You can see the original map here: <

While I've tended to be faithful to quake map's original theming, lost_world's name inherently offered the opportunity to do quite a bit more than another hell / castle themed map. What is a lost world? What would it look like; would it be a fire pit in hell, where players battle to please Satan? Would it be an environment untouched by the pestilences of mankind, which forest has overgrown and reclaimed? Or would it be a world that'd been entirely abandoned, one lived in and loved and cherished by its inhabitants, but now barren, empty, claimed by the harsh frost?

We went with frost! Fuck yeah!

The map has two green armours, a YA, a healthboost, and two weapon types of everything except for rifle. No rifle, but we have a few awesome posters from Akari, showing the previous inhabitants of the castle.

The textures are entirely custom ones that firefly, 7YearWitch, and I found and fitted for Sauer, mostly specifically for this map. They were also used in idris and Awoken.

Have some pictures!

If you already have Awoken or idris, you don't have to put in the textures/swatllama folder.
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